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12.02.16 – Nicky’s Interview on The Nicky Byrne Show

Nicky hasn’t been on The Nicky Byrne Show all week because he’s been busy rehearsing and putting everything together for his performance on The Ray D’Arcy Show tomorrow at 10:05PM (click for details on how to watch live worldwide).

On today’s release of ‘Sunlight’, he called Jenny Greene on air, where he talked about how things have been going. He is very pleased and excited about tomorrow, but he’s nervous about neighbours and friends watching:

“It’s going to be good but it’s nerve-wrecking, there’s not doubt about it,” he said. “I’m doing an interview first, and then the song is, I believe, probably about 10 or 15 minutes later.” He later added, “The rehearsals are going really well so everybody’s really up for this. We’ve had a week of everything: from styling to vocal rehearsals… It’s a real, I would say, like a ‘pop-rock’ kind of group.”

When asked what he’s going to be wearing, he said “A very cool leather jacket and some nice black jeans with some nice cool biker boots.” Sounds fantastic! Hey, even cute little Gia got to say hi on the The Nicky Byrne Show this morning! She’s adorable 🙂 Listen back right here:

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