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Watch Week 12 of Dancing With The Stars

They came, they danced, they competed, they made it to the final and then it was over. After months of rehearsals and weekly live shows, the first series of Dancing With The Stars Ireland came to an end tonight. But before that happened, we got to see Nicky’s return to the ballroom, dancing for the finale’s opening number! The energy never stopped as the crowd cheered for the 3 finalists fighting to be the first champions of the series. Who do you think won? Find out by catching up on the RTÉ Player:

Click on the picture to watch it

Since many of you can’t watch the episode online, I uploaded a separate clip with just Nicky’s dance number, alongside the judges, Amanda, the pro dancers and the finalists:

After grand final, James Patrice caught up with Nicky, where he shared his thoughts on DWTS and the winners. I have to say that the effort and hard work everyone put into the live shows every week truly showed. Can’t imagine my Sundays without all the glitter and music, but I have a good feeling it’ll be back next year!

In case you missed the last episode of the DWTS Pre-Show, Best Foot Forward, here it is! Over a million views on all their episodes… And who could miss that musical number in the beginning? You might catch Nicky a couple of times throughout the video:

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