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Westlife Requests Continue Through July

Last month I decided to let you guys send me your favourite Westlife video/picture requests and I would post them on the the Fansite’s Social Media accounts each day. Since there was such a great response from all of you, I’m extending the #WestlifeMemories all July long… I mean, Westlife will be celebrating their 19th Anniversary anyway, so why not do it in style?

If you have any favourite moments from the lads, send them my way through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram! 😉

I made a poll with 4 possible Pictures of the Month. The photo with the highest number of votes (59) was… Picture No. 1! Thank you all for voting.

Here is July’s Fan Of The Month, @Fer_Langford! Check out her profile by clicking on his picture 😉 (you can also apply to be the future Fan of The Month).

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