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Interactive September

Fall is fast approaching and I’ve been thinking it’s time to make the fansite more interactive! What do I mean by that? I honestly love hearing from you guys and what you prefer to see on our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages. That’s why this month I’ll be accepting your requests for our weekly themed days, like #MusicMonday, for instance. I will also making Fridays #FanFriday, where I’ll be asking you some fun Nicky and Westlife questions to start the weekend in the best of spirits! Any other suggestions? Be sure to contact me! 😉

In other news, I made a poll with 4 possible Pictures of the Month. The photo with the highest number of votes (39) was… Picture No. 1! Thank you all for voting.

Here is September’s Fan Of The Month, @realcj_16! Check out her profile by clicking on his picture 😉 (you can also apply to be the future Fan of The Month).

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