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Shnicky Reunion at Shane Filan’s Dublin Concert

It’s been 6 years since Westlife announced they were splitting up, but we all got the biggest surprise when Shane Filan was performing at the Olympia Theatre in Dublin, and they showed Nicky on the stage’s screen! It’s so nice to see the lads support each other and it was about time we got a new Shnicky picture, right? 😉 Plus, guess who else was there? Here are a couple of photos and a video shared by some fans who attended the concert: Rebecca, Jennifer, Louise and Miriam. Shnicky pictures thanks to Joanne Byrne, Gillian Filan and Caroline Downey.

Nicky also was at Shay Given’s Official Book Release earlier today.

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Home > Appearances / Events > 2016 – 2017 > 2017 > Shay Given’s Official Book Launch – 19.10.17

Home > Appearances / Events > 2016 – 2017 > 2017 > Shane Filan’s Concert at the Olympia Theatre – 19.10.17

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