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Nicky Byrne hits out at the X Factor: ‘It doesn’t excite me anymore’

The former Westlife singer admits he’s a fan of Strictly Come Dancing.

Radio presenter Nicky Byrne has revealed that The X Factor doesn’t excite him anymore.
The 2FM star admitted the revelation while discussing the singing competition against popular dancing show Strictly Come Dancing.
“I hate to say it, as someone who worked with Simon and Louis, we’ve heard enough of bad singers and that uplifting music – it doesn’t excite me anymore,” he said.

Although appearing on the hit BBC show in 2012, the TV star was candid about this year’s line-up – which features singer Daniel O’Donnell.
“I do love strictly. Although the strictly line up is a bit weak,” he announced on his 2FM show.


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Nicky Byrne lands new TV game show

The singer is bouncing back from his axed RTE show.

Nicky Byrne may have lost his RTE game show The Million Euro Challenge, but now he’s set to host a new TV series. can reveal that the 2FM host has teamed up with UK production company Boxatricks for new show The Final Straw.
Speaking at the International TV Tech Summit Colman Hutchinson shared clips of the new show – showing Nicky as the host.

“As you can see we have an Irish host and he’s very talented,” Colman said.

“We weren’t particularly making this show for the UK – it’s an international pilot so an international team.”
The new show sees contestants drawing straws and if they’re unlucky enough to draw the short one – they lose cash.

Clearly Nicky has made his mark as a presenter with Janet Frawley from RTE also revealed at Mediacon that the station have a new game show format currently in the works with the ex-pop star at the helm as well.

It comes after Nicky’s 2FM show has been nominated for another PPI Radio Award.


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New domain and host

A few weeks I found out that my host (Starszz) is closing. Meaning every single site hosted with them has to move to another host. If they want to or not.
When I got my domain it was bought for me by my host. But now I can’t even keep it if I wanted to. The company they partnered with a few years ago is keeping every domain they ever bought or renewed (so they didn’t expire) which includes mine due to legal reasons.
I didn’t want to lose my site so I moved it to another host. I’d like to thank for hosting my site! They bought a new domain for the site – If you have the old address bookmarked update it with the new one.

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Nicky Byrne reminisces on Croke Park days

DJ, presenter – and charming MC last night – also confirms release is on the horizon.

At one point, HP couldn’t help but notice him chatting with Gavin James, just 24 hours before he supports Ed Sheeran at Croke Park. Was the Westlife man doling out a bit of advice?

“It didn’t come up, actually,” Nicky laughed. “I don’t think I could describe it anyway. The first couple of minutes when you go on stage are insane. You can’t hear anything. You can’t even breathe, never mind sing. Your mouth dries up. It’s just a wall of noise, a cauldron.”

Westlife capped their career with a pair of dates at HQ – unsurprisingly, they’re stand-out memories in Byrne’s mind.

“It was an amazing way to finish. It was weird though; you knew you were going to wake up the following morning unemployed! You were never going to do that again, but what memories.”

And a new chapter of his musical career is just around the corner too; Byrne confirmed that a solo album is progressing very nicely indeed.

“I’ve been co-writing with Wayne Hector,” he reports. “He wrote ‘Flying Without Wings’, and he’s worked with Nicki Minaj and One Direction too. I’ve literally squeezed it in after radio on the days that I could. I obviously had the TV show too; this explains why it took so long, if I’m honest!”

But there’s no fear of Byrne jacking in his 2fm gig; “I couldn’t,” he smiled. “I just love it too much.”