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Nicky on Radio Stations NOT Playing His Song: ‘I Don’t Want To Get Involved’

The former Westlife star thanked Vogue Williams for standing up for him.

Nicky Byrne has opened up on the controversy surrounding Irish radio stations not playing his Eurovision song.
The former Westlife star is representing Ireland in this year’s song contest, but stations have been hesitant about playing Sunlight on the airwaves.
2fm chief Dan Healy recently speculated the snub was down to station rivalry as Nicky hosts a show on 2fm.

Speaking at the Freedom of Dublin fashion show at Citywest Hotel, the pop star revealed he doesn’t know why his rivals aren’t playing the track.
“I know they’re not playing the song but I don’t know what the reasons are,” he told
“All I know is I signed a record deal with Universal and they gave the song to everybody so they have it.
“I don’t know what’s happening after that. I don’t want to get involved in the politics of it.

Interview: Nicky chatted to at the Freedom of Dublin fashion show

Interview: Nicky chatted to at the Freedom of Dublin fashion show

Vogue Williams recently slammed the stations who have refused to play Nicky’s song, calling them “s****y” and demanding they should support him.
“I saw Vogue said that and Brian McFadden retweeted it, that was really nice,” Nicky said.
“Eurovision will come and go, in six weeks time it will be done and dusted and nobody will care.

“It’s not the end of the world. If people don’t play it, they don’t play it,” he added.
Nicky will perform in Sweden on May 12th for his chance to get Ireland into the Eurovision final.


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Happy New Year

I’d like to wish a very Happy New Year for every Nicky fans and Nicky Byrne.

I’d like to say a few words about the site. As you can see a lot of things happened in the the last few days:

– I put a new theme on the site that was made by Monica Design. (The header is temporary, I’m still waiting for the new one.   😉  )
– There’s a new co-web called Anne. I’m so happy that she joined the site. She’s a big Nicky fan so I hope we make this site the biggest Nicky Byrne source on the web together.
– It’ll be a very busy year for Nicky as he’ll release his debut album on spring. Until that I’d like to change a whole bunch of things on the site. Stay tuned and visit the site daily to see them.

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Nicky Byrne: Making solo album was “more fun” than working with Westlife

The 2FM presenter looks set to release his debut solo effort next summer.

Nicky Byrne has revealed making his upcoming solo album was “more fun” than working with Westlife.

It’s been four years since the famous boyband split up and now 2FM presenter Nicky, 37, looks set to release his debut solo album next summer.

The Dubliner described the upcoming record as “cheeky pop” and admitted he was happy to have songs written to suit his voice -unlike his days in Westlife.

Nicky told the Irish Daily Mirror: “When I started writing and recording it, it was more fun than the Westlife years because there was no timeline or pressure.

“We’re writing songs around me – it’s not songwriters from a different side of the world writing around Shane [Filan’s] voice or Mark [Feehily’s] voice.

“I was in the studio with songwriters and producers and we made, in my opinion, a cheeky pop album. I’m taking it in a bit of a different direction, but it’s still pop music. It’s just me and my personality,” he added.

While Nicky is excited to get back on the music scene, he’s in rush as he puts the finishing touches to his album as he admitted that his broadcasting career is still his top priority.

“I’m just finishing the album in my spare time because radio and TV are my priorities at the minute, but it’s what keeps me going,” he said.

He added that while he was happy to take a break from music when Westlife called it quits, he misses the “buzz” of performing.

“Music is in my blood. My dad was lead singer in a cabaret band for all my life so it’s not as though Westlife was a mistake,” he said.

“When you walk away from something that was so big, that you’ve been doing at the highest level for so long, it’s nice to get away from it and be a dad and husband but you’ll never lose the buzz for it.”


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Nicky Byrne admits surprise at radio success: ‘I never thought it could be as strong as it is’


FORMER Westlife star Nicky Byrne has revealed that he was surprised at how successful his Rte 2fm radio show is, admitting he never thought it was going to be so successful.

The singer, who hosts the Nicky Byrne Show with Jenny Greene, has gone from strength to strength as the latest radio listenership figures reveal the show has a total of 163,000 listeners.

Speaking at the launch of Rte 2fm’s Christmas appeal for the ISPCC yesterday (MON), he said+ “It’s going really well. I never thought it could be as strong as it is right up to this point.

“But it is fun. People stop us in the street and say things like ‘It’s just a bit of a laugh.’

“But every now and again, especially moving to 10am, you deal with some serious issues when they arise but predominantly we’re having fun.

“People who have said to us, people who drive for a living or who work in an office, say to us that they are giggling and laughing and it passes the time and I’m learning things about random stuff.

“But mainly if you can go to work and have fun, then that’s half the battle, which I genuinely have every day. We do. There hasn’t been a day yet where I have come in thinking that it is a drag.”

The Dubliner also ruled out any reunion with Westlife in the near future, claiming “it’s not for me right now.”

“I always love performing. I still do. I was in the 3Arena last week with U2 playing and that’s what you miss – You miss those big nights and we had a conversation afterwards with Larry Mullen. He asked me the same question.

“I personally would’ve classed them (the big nights) as the best because I really came alive on stage during those moments.

“But as far as a reunion is concerned, I mean, there is no plans, there hasn’t been one conversation about it. It’s not for me right now.

“I see things all the time, every other day, one of us is denying it, one of us is saying different. You know we all say, ‘Never say never’ because we didn’t fall out and I’m sure one day we might consider it.

“The stuff with Boyzone (Westlife and Boyzone forming a supergroup) I can’t see why that would be on any interest to anybody. I don’t think that will happen.

“You see things every so often about a reunion but until you hear from us, there are no reunion plans and right now, even for me, if the three lads said to me ‘right now we’d love to do it.’, it wouldn’t be the right time.

“I have my own album coming out next year, Mark’s album has just come out recently, Shane’s about to go on tour and Kian has just had a brand new baby, I’m sure he’s going to do some TV work and probably music stuff planned for next year so for all of us, we’re all thriving.

“So no, it is not around the corner anytime soon.”