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Nicky Talks About The Positivity of ‘Sunlight’ & Doing Promo in Europe

While in Ukraine, Nicky talked to ESC Bubble about his single ‘Sunlight’ and how he plans to transmit positivity with it. He also mentioned that he hopes to promote the song in more European countries, but he doesn’t have any confirmation yet.

Nicky’s now on his way back to Ireland. We wish him a nice and safe trip!

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Nicky performs ‘Sunlight’ In the Ukrainian National Eurovision Finals

Nicky killed it tonight! He went on stage and smashed that performance of ‘Sunlight’ at the Ukrainian National Eurovision Finals! He looked so confident and you could tell he was having a blast. The stage is all his and nothing makes me happier than seeing him perform and represent Ireland around the world. Nice to see Ukraine being so supportive as well… They even called him the winner of Eurovision already!

In case you missed it or want to watch again, here’s the video. I also added a few pictures, thanks to Greg French, Jamie Duff, Inna Sugak and Vladik.

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The Nicky Byrne Show Wins At The Gossies 2016’s The Gossies 2016 have just announced their Best Radio Show winner and it’s The Nicky Byrne Show! Big congratulations to Nicky and Jenny! I love listening to them every morning – Such a fantastic team! 🙂

The pair was not able to attend the event due to work commitments, but they recorded a short video thanking their listeners and fans for their support:

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Nicky Tweets From Ukrainian National Eurovision Finals

Nicky was just in rehearsals for his big performance on the Ukrainian National Eurovision Finals. Here’s the picture he shared:

You can watch live at 6:00pm CET time (5:00pm in Ireland and the U.K.) right here:

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Nicky To Perform In Tonight’s Ukrainian Eurovision National Final

Cancel all your Sunday night plans because according to Eurovision Ireland, Nicky will be performing ‘Sunlight’ at the Ukrainian Eurovision National Final! That’s right – Nicky is in Ukraine, and he will be one of the event’s surprise guests! He flew in yesterday and he’s already been interviewed (picture credits to Greg French).

The Ukrainian Final starts at 6:00pm CET time, that means 5:00pm in Ireland and the UK. It will be broadcasted live online on the following websites:

  • Make sure you tune in and support Nicky on his 2nd live performance! Check back for more news.

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    Nicky Byrne on Eurovision: “The Stars Were Starting To Align”

    Eurovision added a video on YouTube where Nicky introduces himself and talks about joining the most popular song contest in the world.

    “When Westlife ended, I was presenting the radio show and I was also co-writing my first solo album. So we’re writing away, and in the meantime every year when Eurovision came around I was delivering the votes. You’re talking to the translator, two years, three years in a row she had said ‘You were on Westlife, would you not have a song? Would you not consider Eurovision?’ So the stars were starting to align a little bit. I know I have a song that I love, I know I have a song that people have said to me ‘That’s a really good song’. So I approached the guys and… Here we are.”

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    19.02.16 – The Nicky Byrne Show Pictures

    Many listeners would say that their favourite guest on The Nicky Byrne Show has always been Dustin The Turkey. Well, he came back today and gave everyone a good laugh! You can listen back to the show, by visiting their official site:

    Click on the picture to view its full size

    Gallery link:

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    Big Change to Eurovision Song Contest Voting

    The voting in the Eurovision Song Contest is set to be radically transformed this year.

    In previous years, the results of the professional juries and viewers have been presented as a combined result – each accounting for 50% of the final score. But from this year, the professional juries and televoters will each award a separate set of points – from 1 to 8, 10 and 12. This now means the top 10 countries in both the jury and televote will receive points, adding a new level to the show.

    After viewers have cast their votes by phone, text or through the official app, each national spokesperson from the 43 countries will be called in to present the points of their jury. Then after that presentation, the televoting points from will be combined – providing one score for each song. These televoting results will then be announced by the host, starting with the country receiving the fewest points from the public.

    For those wanting to know how their country has voted, the televoting and jury scores from each participating country will be available after the show on

    “This new way of presenting the votes is a big step forward, both to make a better television show as well as a more exciting competition,” said the EBU’s Jon Ola Sand, executive supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest. “There is more reason than ever to vote in the Eurovision Song Contest. The new voting format guarantees that the song which is most popular among the public will receive twelve points regardless of how the juries voted”.

    For a simpler explanation, watch the video below:


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    Spread The Word About ‘Sunlight’ & Enter This Giveaway!

    Nicky’s debut solo single ‘Sunlight’ is out, and I want to spread the word about it in a fun and interactive way. So I came up with an idea of organising a Contest/Giveaway where fans have to tweet about the song being out, and one of them could WIN a Westlife “Where We Are” Special Taiwan Edition CD + An incredible poster. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Want all the details? Read the poster below:

    Here’s the ‘Sunlight’ artwork for your tweet: click to view.

    Deadline is February 24th, so get your tweet ready and ask all your friends to help you RT it. Best of luck! If you have any questions, tweet me at @TeamByrneMx