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Nicky Reveals His Lucky Charm For Performances

Nicky told The Irish Sun that he carries a rock from his dad’s grave every time he performs.

“In the Westlife years I used to always have lucky socks. What I do now, I always take a little stone from my dad’s grave and have it in my pocket.” he said. “My dad was a big inspiration. His two things were football and music, which I ended up going on to do. This year it just feels like it all came together.”

And he reckons his dad would be proud, adding: “Loads of people who my dad would have known have stopped me in the street, Facebooked me, tweeted me and said: ‘Your dad would be so proud.’ That makes me smile.”

I’m positive Nicky’s dad would very proud to see all he’s done in the last couple of years. Nicky’s an extraordinary person who’s now representing Ireland at Eurovision, has just released his debut single and performed by himself for the very first time last night. It truly doesn’t get better than that. 🙂

Nicky also chatted to about the importance of a good song at Eurovision & performing in the semi-finals:

“I have massive nerves. Everything is so live, that’s the rules of Eurovision, you can’t even have a backing vocal track at all, the punter sitting down watching Eurovision doesn’t pay attention to all of that but that’s the reality of it. It’s a song contest so if the song it is, and you hope it is, you just have to deliver the live vocal,” he explained. “Whether we’ve the best song or not God knows. But the difficulty is getting out of the semi-final. That’s the hard part. And if we do that then we’re in,” he added.

“The opportunity to do this for anybody, nobody should ever turn it down if they’re that lucky. You listen to criticism but you do your best and you know that anybody out there, if they got the opportunity, they would all do it.”

Read the full interview by clicking here.

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Nicky Performs ‘Sunlight’ for the 1st Time

He’s done it! Nicky sang ‘Sunlight’ for the 1st time on The Ray D’Arcy Show tonight, and made everyone in Ireland and across the world proud! The song is amazing, and the performance was brilliant. Happy I got to watch it live and see Nicky shine onstage like he deserves.

He was also interviewed on the show. He talked about Eurovision, music, his upcoming plans and many more things! Plus, it was great to see all the people’s support when asked to talk to him and give him feedback.

His performance is now available on YouTube as well!

Here are a few pictures from today. Click on them for more!

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Rehearsals For Tonight’s Performance of ‘Sunlight’

Nicky’s performance is just a few hours away, but soundcheck has already taken place and he’s also been doing press. Massive thank you to Kaeylea and for sharing some pictures. Stay tuned for his interview with them tomorrow:

He also recorded some videos reminding the fans to catch the show at 10:05pm on RTÉ One:

Nicky Byrne Live rehearsals for The Ray D'arcy Show!

Posted by RTÉ One on Saturday, February 13, 2016

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Tonight: Nicky’s 1st Performance of ‘Sunlight’ on The Ray D’Arcy Show!

The wait is over! Tune into The Ray D’Arcy Show tonight for Nicky’s first performance of ‘Sunlight’, at 10:05PM Ireland time. For those who live outside of Ireland and want to watch the show, it’ll be available to all international viewers on the RTÉ Player. You can visit: or download the Player International App, by clicking here.

You don’t want to miss this moment… Nicky’s first time performing solo! Just when I thought he couldn’t make me more proud. 🙂 Wishing him the best of luck!

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Nicky Talks Saturday’s Performance on The Ray D’Arcy Show

Rehearsal picture credits to The Irish Daily Mail

We’re only 2 days away from Nicky’s first live performance of “Sunlight” on The Ray D’Arcy Show! Nicky and his team have been rehearsing all week and creating the look and feel for the performance in Stockholm in May.

“We’ve been working really hard in rehearsals over the past few weeks and I can’t wait to perform in front of Ray’s live studio audience and everyone watching at home. I’m so thrilled to be representing Ireland at Eurovision in Stockholm this year. I’m looking forward to seeing how people react to the song – the feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive and the good luck wishes have been flooding in.” Nicky told RTÉ

The Ray D’Arcy Show starts at 22:05 on RTÉ One. It’ll be available for all viewers internationally on the RTÉ Player. They can watch on iOS with the Player International App, on Android with the Player App and on Desktop when they visit Viewers can download the app by clicking here!

Ray D’Arcy added: “We’re delighted to have Nicky in studio with us this Saturday. I’m a big fan of Eurovision and Nicky’s song. I’m looking forward to chatting with Nicky, meeting his band and hearing all about their preparations ahead of Stockholm. I wish them all the very best of luck.”

Nicky will release Sunlight everywhere on February 12th at 12am. Canada, USA and Mexico will have to wait until February 26th.

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Nicky & The Nicky Byrne Show Nominated at The Gossies 2016 Awards. Vote Now!

The Nicky Byrne Show has been nominated for Best Radio Show at’s The Gossies 2016 Awards! Congratulations to the show’s team!


Full list of nominees:

  • The Nicky Byrne Show (2fm)
  • The Louise McSharry Show (2fm)
  • The Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show (2fm)
  • Dermot and Dave (Today FM)
  • The Eoughan McDermott Show (2fm)
  • Breakfast Republic (2fm)
  • Fully Charged (SPIN 1038)
  • The Big Tide Home (98FM)
  • Nicky has also been nominated for Most Stylish Man and Goss Star of the Year! Couldn’t think of anyone more deserving of these recognitions. Well done! Click on the images below to vote:

    Voting closes on Monday, February 8th.

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    Nicky Will Be Visiting Which Countries Soon?

    Nicky had a bit of a Twitter party with his fans tonight, where he answered a few questions about possible promo for his album and ‘Sunlight’ being available for download.

    He mentioned that he’ll definitely be visiting Holland, Germany, Denmark and the U.K. He also said he’d love to go to Mexico and Los Angeles, CA in the United States.

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    RTÉ’s Eurovision Announcement at the Morrison Hotel HQ Pictures

    As you know, two days ago Nicky had an extremely busy day because news came out that he will be representing Ireland at the 2016 Eurovision song competition in Stockholm. RTÉ held a special event at the Morrison Hotel where Nicky talked to the press.

    Here I have 7 EXCLUSIVE High Quality pictures of Nicky. Massive thank you to hermionegranger for sending them in:

    Gallery Link:

    Home > Miscellaneous > 2016 > RTÉ Nicky Eurovision Announcement – 13.01.16

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    More on Eurovision + Nicky’s Album Promo Plans

    RTÉ News talked to Nicky about Eurovision and Ireland’s plans for this year at the most awaited song competition:

    Nicky told the Irish Sun that believes his late dad could be guiding his Eurovision bid. Nikki Byrne Sr was a major fan of the contest and would host Eurovision nights at Baldoyle Racecourse, where he performed in a cabaret band.

    “My dad is six years dead this November but I sometimes wonder are the stars aligned this year? Because my dad was such a fan of Eurovision, he would love this. I actually feel he was in the room when we wrote the song that would be our Eurovision entry Sunlight.”

    “Dad saw my career with Westlife go through the roof but he didn’t hear me on 2FM or hear my first solo album. But I still feel him very much around.”

    Nicky also chatted to about his plans to promote his album in the future, and how his family will always come first:

    “I’d love to promote the album but first and foremost I’m a dad, I’m a husband and I’m not going to be jumping on a tour for months on end,” he explained. “I’m not going to do that anymore but I’ll certainly promote the album and give it my best shot. You know I’m 37, I’m not Niall Horan, I’ve done that, I’ve worn that jersey being months on end when you haven’t been home and I loved it,” he revealed. “But it’s a young man’s game to do that and that’s not me when you have kids in school, playing their football and hobbies.”

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    Nicky Byrne Is Planning His Eurovision Performance

    Nicky was at the Morrison Hotel where RTÉ announced that he will be representing Ireland at Eurovision this year. He mentioned his album plans:

    “I’ve written this album over the past few years and it was always going to come out in 2016.” Nicky said. “We’re talking to a label at the moment and I think a deal usually comes off the back of a single and I think Sunlight is the song to do that, it just happens to also be Ireland’s entry to the Eurovision. Hopefully the album will come out later this year but right now I’m riding the crest of this wave of Eurovision.”

    Nicky also decided not to receive a fee from his Eurovision performances and instead has requested his payment to go back into the production costs.

    “It’s an honour to represent my country and it makes sense to me to put that money into the performance so it can look better,” he added.

    Click here to watch a video interview with The Irish Times

    Here are 12 pictures:

    Gallery Link:

    Home > Miscellaneous > 2016 > RTÉ Nicky Eurovision Announcement – 13.01.16

    Nicky mentioned to that he sent the song to his former Westlife bandmates before making today’s announcements:

    “I haven’t asked them for advice but I’ve texted them all last night with the song and video, told them it was true and wanted them to hear from me first,” he explained. “I rang Louis as well obviously, every one of them text and were really positive, ‘love the song, love the video, very catchy, you can do it’.”

    “Kian sent a lovely text saying, ‘I got your back, you can do it’, Mark’s going ‘this makes me so happy, the song, the Eurovision, you. At last you’re doing something you’ve really wanted to do’,” he smiled. “I think Shane’s in Dubai at the minute and he said ‘I loved the song, fair play, what do you have to lose’.”

    For more visit | Click here for more on Eurovision and Nicky’s song “Sunlight”