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Westlife’s Interviews on BBC Radio

Who doesn’t love Westlife on a Saturday? The lads chatted to BBC Radio Manchester and BBC Radio Ulster earlier this week and both interviews aired this morning and afternoon. Listen back:

BBC Radio Manchesterskip to hour 1:09 and hour 1:42

BBC Radio Ulsterskip to hour 1:09

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Westlife Wants to Focuss on their New Tour

While in Belfast, Westlife chatted to Cool FM about the moment they all got together to discuss their reunion, how they are planning to stay away from covers on their new album and how their main focuss right now is to plan their Twenty Tour.

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Westlife Talk About Their Perfect Return

Nicky, Shane, Mark and Kian sat down with 1883 Magazine to talk about when they decided to get back together and why not is the perfect moment. They also discussed the new direction they’ll be taking on their career and music as well as some promises to tour the world!

“We were always confident that there would be a reunion at some point. Next year is 2019, 20 years since Swear It Again and Flying Without Wings came out. An amazing 12 months of number ones”, said Nicky.

To read the full interview, CLICK HERE.

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Nicky Attends The Oskars

Nicky attended The St. Sylvester’s GAA Club’s A Night At The Oskars event and judged for the night. He looked spectacular alongside Georgina and even answered a few questions after, asked by Kevin Rowe Events.

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DWTS: Nicky & Jake Carter Chat to James Patrice

Nicky and Dancing With The Stars contestant, Jake Carter were interviewed by none other than our favourite, James Patrice, where they played “Sing It Out” and answered a few questions!

Don’t miss the show’s Semi-Final tonight at 6:30PM on RTÉ One.

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Nicky Attends The Gossies 2018 & Talks Westlife Reunion

Nicky attended’s 2018 Gossies, and he walked the red carpet with Georgina! While being interviewed, Nicky chatted about Westlife, that reunion everyone’s talking about (nothing’s been confirmed yet), his family and loving life! It’s always so nice to see him happy. 🙂

For all the Gossies coverage, CLICK HERE

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Nicky Plays ‘Smarty Pants’ on Breakfast Republic

RTÉ 2fm‘s Breakfast Republic invited Nicky to played their Smarty Pants game, on Wednesday morning. It was Bernard O’Shea and Lottie Ryan vs. Nicky! Watch the video below to find out who won! 😉