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Nicky Talks About His Favourite Dance on DWTS So Far

It was a new night of Can’t Stop Dancing, the special to Dancing With The Stars Ireland. Its host, Bláthnaid Treacy chatted to Nicky after last Sunday’s show, where he revealed what his favourite dance has been so far. You can watch it back on the RTÉ Player, by clicking on the picture below:

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Can’t Stop Dancing Airs An Hour Early Today

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Just like previous Fridays, the Dancing With The Stars Ireland special ‘Can’t Stop Dancing’ will be airing… But take note because it’ll be on an hour early – That means you have to tune into RTÉ One at 7:30pm. Make sure you catch Nicky and Amanda’s latest interview with Bláthnaid Treacy, where they’ll discuss the show and what they think of the celebrities so far!

Update: Here are Nicky’s bits. Thanks to Dawn from for sharing!

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Nicky Talks DWTS On RTÉ Today

Nicky was a guest on today’s RTÉ’s Today Show, where he talked about RTÉ’s new hit show, Dancing With The Stars Ireland. Here you can also see a quick recap of what happened during last night’s premiere and how Nicky can relate to what the contestants are going through, having participated in the U.K. original version of the series, Strictly Come Dancing.

I uploaded the video on YouTube, for all those who couldn’t watch it live. Enjoy!

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DWTS Best Foot Forward – Episode 1

The very first episode of the Dancing With The Stars Pre-Show Best Foot Forward just ended, and Nicky was one of the guests! Make sure you watch the fun interview and check out that shimmy! 😉 Starts at minute 18:25.

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A Look Back At Nicky Byrne’s 2016

2016 was a phenomenal year for all of us Nicky fans. What with the release of his debut solo album ‘Sunlight’, Eurovision, The Nicky Byrne Show, Soccer Aid… I could go on and on. It was very special for Nicky and it was a pleasure to follow and support him on another incredible chapter in his life.

I decided to make this video to celebrate everything that happened and share it with all you guys. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I liked putting it together. 🙂 What was your favourite moment of 2016?

Nicky Byrne – 2016 in one Video from Anne on Vimeo.

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Nicky and Amanda Cover This Week’s RTÉ Guide

On the week of the premiere of Dancing With The Stars Ireland, Nicky and Amanda are looking stunning on RTÉ Guide Magazine’s cover. Make sure to stay alert on this and next week’s media, because I’m sure there’ll be plenty of coverage on the series. Thanks to Judith for sharing the magazine’s article:

A big thank you to Anita from @KianEganWeb for sharing this scan from last week’s Irish Daily Mirror, where Nicky talks about never getting into politics, his new RTÉ One show, Strictly Come Dancing and the holidays.

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Nicky Gives Advice to ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Contestants

The full line-up for this year’s Dancing With The Stars has been revealed! The artists participating are: Dr. Eva Orsmond, Des Cahill, Aidan O’Mahony, Teresa Mannion, Hughie Maughan, Katherine Lynch, Thalia Heffernan, Dayl Cronin, Des Bishop, Aoibhin Garrihy and Denise McCormack. Best of luck to everyone!

Last week, Nicky spoke to Lifestyle on RTÉ and having experienced Strictly Come Dancing back in 2012, he had some advice to share with the competitors:

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‘Dancing’ on Today’s Papers

The press has been talking about Dancing With The Stars nonstop! Special thanks to @KianEganWeb for sharing these scans from today’s The Irish Daily Mail and Irish Daily Mirror.

If you have any Magazine or Paper scans of articles featuring Nicky and wish to send them over, contact us HERE.

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Nicky Is Living The Dream

It was yesterday that we found out Nicky will be presenting the Irish version of “Dancing With The Stars”, alongside Amanda Byram. The countdown has started and we can’t wait until the big premiere on January 8th at 6:30pm on RTÉ One! Nicky talked to the Irish Mirror about bringing the show to Ireland:

“We’re an island of five million people, we’re never going to have the budgets or be able to recreate what the UK have – nor are we going to try. It will still look a million dollars when we get out there and give it our best.”

As you know, this is not the first show Nicky’s presented on TV, but it is definitely different from his previous work.

“I’m delighted I’m presenting a show where I don’t have a mathematical equation to explain,” Nicky said. “Finally, it’s a format that’s proven around the world but it’s [still] not an easy job. I loved The Hit, but it took a bit of explaining. The Million Euro Challenge was great for me to do on shiny floor and I enjoyed it. But again it was difficult to explain and just didn’t connect. But thankfully that’s not the case with the show.”

He then shared with The Irish Sun that many celebrities in Ireland wanted the job, and rightfully so; Strictly Come Dancing is a huge hit in the U.K.

“Half of Ireland went for this gig, I think everybody wanted it. We all knew it had to be a double act but it could have been two women, which ruled me out, two men, which would meant Amanda not doing it, or they might have needed a Bruce Forsyth type, but thankfully they went for me instead.”

We are not surprised Nicky is going to be presenting “Dancing With The Stars”, because we know that he’s prefect for it. Plus, he’s had experience with Strictly as a contestant before, giving him the chance to connect with all the ones competing for the glitter ball:

“I remember the Westlife years, we would perform on Strictly as a band and Georgina would say to me, ‘You would be great on that if you had the time to do it.’ So as soon as Westlife decided we were going to call it a day, it’s the only reality show I would’ve done as a contestant. Hosting is a different story but certainly as a contestant it’s the only one. You learn a talent, you’re being judged, you can’t cheat it, you get out of it what you put into it.” he told

But did you know that Nicky had been eyeing Bruce Forsyth (presenter of Strictly Come Dancing) job for at least 4 years? It was when he participated on Strictly that he realised how much he wanted to host a series like Dancing With The Stars.

“I’ve always wanted to be the Bruce [Forsyth], the Tess [Daly], always,” he said. “While I was there [on Strictly], I would have been looking at Tess and Bruce and gone, ‘You know what, maybe just maybe this one day.’ I think when I came home in 2013 I might have even enquired with people would this every come to Ireland and could it ever come to Ireland. It’s such a big show that needs such a big budget that you can’t do it half arsed it needs to be all bells and whistles, and they’ve gone for it. They’ve gone for me and Amanda which is in my opinion amazing.”

Presenting has always been in Nicky’s bones and he’s great at it! He has a very natural way of connecting with the audience and bringing so much energy to the room. Even during his Westlife days, whenever he was on stage you could tell he was in his element interacting with the fans and getting them to cheer.

“If I watch the X Factor, I want to be Dermot O’Leary. If I watch American Idol, I want to be Ryan Seacrest. Ryan Seacrest and Dermot O’Leary were always the people – even as a kid Gay Byrne – they’re the people that I looked up to and thought ‘I could do that job.’”

“With Strictly, having been in Westlife and on that stage, I always felt and enjoyed that side of it. I enjoyed the performance side of it more than anything else.”

And speaking of performing, what does this new project mean for his music career? Nicky released his debut album “Sunlight” back in May and it’s fantastic! But it seems like new songs aren’t currently in the horizon.

“It’s parked at the moment,” adding “I’ve nothing planned at the moment, unless down the road we can look at another solo album, or a Westlife reunion if that raises it’s head – but there’s no plans of that either.”

All I know is that I speak for all the fans when I say that we’re all unbelievably proud of Nicky. Everything he wants to do, he manages to get it. It just shows how dedicated, persistent and driven he is! Here’s to this brand new Dancing With The Stars chapter! 🙂

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Nicky Does Press For ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Nicky had a busy day with the announcement of him hosting Dancing With The Stars with Amanda Byram. RTÉ held a Press Conference, officially inviting the media to interview the two stars on the upcoming show! Here are all the Behind The Scenes videos and pictures that were shared:

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