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Westlife Talk About Their Perfect Return

Nicky, Shane, Mark and Kian sat down with 1883 Magazine to talk about when they decided to get back together and why not is the perfect moment. They also discussed the new direction they’ll be taking on their career and music as well as some promises to tour the world!

“We were always confident that there would be a reunion at some point. Next year is 2019, 20 years since Swear It Again and Flying Without Wings came out. An amazing 12 months of number ones”, said Nicky.

To read the full interview, CLICK HERE.

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Nicky is Overjoyed With The Success of Dancing With The Stars

With almost 1 million people tuning into Dancing With The Stars Ireland at one point last week, Nicky expressed his happiness for working on one of RTÉ One’s biggest hits:

“I count my lucky stars every day, especially at the moment with the radio going so well and this show going so well. I had a couple of shows that didn’t take off. I needed this. I was delighted to get the chance and I really hope people are enjoying the show. I like to bring my own personality to it but at the end of the day it’s about the dancers.”

Having experienced what the contestants are going through, Nicky remembered what it was like to take part in Strictly Come Dancing back in 2012.

“You can’t even describe the nerves.The rehearsals is one thing but then when you get out there, your mouth dries up. I remember when I did Strictly, you just want to get through the dance. At that point you don’t even care what the judges say. You don’t want to let your partner down and as cliche as that sounds, it’s true.”

And speaking of competitions, Nicky didn’t rule out representing his country at Eurovision again someday, saying:

“It was an amazing experience and it is the biggest singing entertainment show in the world. I’ve no regrets, absolutely none. It was a decent performance but we just didn’t get it over the line. But never say never. It’s all about the right moment and the right song, but certainly in the next couple of years.”

Sources: Irish Mirror | The Irish Sun | Irish Daily Star.

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RSVP Magazine Celebrates Westlife’s 20th Anniversary

As you all know, Westlife will be celebrating their 20th Anniversary this year. And even though there are still no plans for a reunion, RSVP Magazine did not want to waste any time and decided to release a special article on their latest issue, remembering some of the band’s best moments. Here is a special sneak peek to what’s inside:

If you live in Ireland, make sure to get a copy! 😉

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DWTS Ready To Return In A Week!

The countdown is almost over, and Dancing With The Stars Ireland is just a week away! To celebrate, the latest issue of RTÉ Guide features Nicky, Amanda and the new cast of 2018! So go to your nearest shop and make sue to grab their new copy! Looking very glamorous! 😉

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12.12.17 – The Nicky Byrne Show Broadcast

Guess what? Our Nicky is on the over of (yet) another Magazine, this month! Make sure to get the Christmas Edition of RTÉ Guide, on shelves now. 🙂 Doesn’t he look identical? Absolutely love it! Nicky was handed the issue and a special edible Christmas tree, on this morning’s show.

Also joining him in the studio were dog behaviour expert, Nanci Creedon, who discussed the best ways to keep your dog healthy and happy over Christmas; and Beauty guru, Mark Rogers, who talked about the Christmas gifts that look more expensive than they actually are.

Listen back to the full show by clicking here.

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The Dream Team Takes Over U Magazine!

This month’s surprises keep coming, and today’s news is that not only is Nicky featured on the cover of the latest RSVP Magazine, but he’s also the very first man to be on the front page of U Magazine! He is joined by none other than Jenny and they both look spectacular!

You can buy this issue on newsstands in Ireland and Northern Ireland. I added some scans of the Photoshoot and Articles. Enjoy! 🙂

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Nicky & Georgina Take A Walk Down Memory Lane

Make sure you grab the latest issue of RSVP Magazine (available on newsstands in Ireland) for an interview with Nicky and Georgina, where they look back their first days of Family.

I will try to upload the article as soon as I get the chance. If any of you has it and wants to share it with the fansite, contact me HERE.

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Sunday Independent: How Nicky Stays Fit

Nicky was featured on the latest Sunday Independent, where he talked about the importance of staying fit, how it helps him and his essential tips! I added a scan of the full article, and you can check it out below:

“Most of my life, it was all about football but in the past 10 years, I’ve moved away from football and gotten really into weights and boxing“, said Nicky. He trains with “Padraig Murphy of Evolv Fitness in Blackrock and also in my own small gym at home. I try to stick to three sessions per week – sometimes it will be just two – but sometimes I will go through phases where it’s five times per week, mixing weights and boxing.”

Nicky’s secret weapon is exercise: “Exercise makes me feel good. I don’t just work out to get fit, I plan my goals in the gym. It’s a great place to think. While I’m in the gym, I’m thinking of fighting for the heavyweight boxing title, or singing in Madison Square Gardens, or presenting the biggest TV show in the world! I have the music up loud, sports on the TV, the top comes off and off I go! Basically, when I’m in my gym at home I feel invincible.”

His Top 3 Tips:

1. Commit to training at least three times per week and decide on the days.
2. Always include squats in one of your training sessions; it’s the best thing you can do. ‘Ass to grass’ to avoid knee injury.
3. Include boxing if you can; it’s great for cardio and for building confidence. Boxercise classes are a great option.

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