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Behind The Scenes Eurovision Part 1

It’s always nice to have some Behind The Scenes videos, and apparently we’ll be getting more in the next few days! Here is the first one where we can see Nicky leaving the Dublin Airport and arriving to Stockholm for Eurovision. Must’ve been amazing to be there and wish him well on his trip to the Song Contest. 🙂

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Nicky Sings ‘Sunlight’ Acoustic at Irish Embassy in Sweden

Ambassador Orla O’Hanrahan hosted a special evening for Nicky and Team Ireland at the Irish Embassy in Sweden, yesterday! Must’ve been a very nice experience. Here is a clip of Nicky performing ‘Sunlight’ like we had never listened to it before – Acoustic! And it sound beautiful!

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Eurovision 1st Meet & Greet with Nicky

Once done with Rehearsals, Nicky headed to his Meet & Greet with the press of Eurovision. Watch the full event below! Here are some pictures as well:

Here’s another video of the band getting their pictures taken before the press conference:

For more on his rehearsal and backstage pictures, click here!

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Stockholm Day 1 Report from Nicky

Nicky shared a video on Twitter where he gave his fans a little tour of his hotel room and talked about what his day was like. He even almost showed us the outfit he’ll be wearing on May 12th! …Almost! 😉 Hopefully we’ll get to see more of these type of videos while he’s in Stockholm.

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Nicky Does Press At Dublin Airport

Nicky was received at the Dublin Airport by fans and press, before taking his flight to Stockholm! Massive thank you to RTÉ One, Janet Grogan, Carl Mullan and Sarah for sharing their lovely pictures!

Watch this video of him talking about the fan video I edited where we all wished him good luck at Eurovision! 🙂

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Nicky Heads To Sweden for Eurovision

Eurovision is a week away! That means that all of this year’s participants will be flying to Sweden now to start rehearsals for their performances and do a bunch of press conferences. Nicky will join everyone in Stockholm today with all of Team Ireland! Many updates will be released in the upcoming days, so remember to keep checking back for all the latest news.

As you might remember, I organised a special fan project for Nicky a couple of weeks ago, asking fans to send me pictures and videos wishing Nicky good luck with the big song contest & the release of his debut album on May 13th. Well, now it’s the time for me to share what I put together to show him our worldwide support! Thank you to all those who participated 🙂 I really hope you like it.

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Nicky Visits Lorraine on ITV

Nicky finished his promo tour this morning by giving Lorraine on ITV a visit. You can watch the interview below – It was one of my personal favourites of the week!

Nicky’s had some very busy few days, and it’s only going to get crazier as he leaves to Sweden tomorrow! Wishing him the best of luck 🙂

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Nicky Teases His Eurovision Performance

Nicky recently sat with RTÉ to talk all things Eurovision. The big show is just less than two weeks away, and we can’t wait to see Nicky shine on that stage! Here’s a short clip where he teases what his performance will be like… Sounds amazing!

Nicky also added that he’s very much in contact with his former Westlife bandmates; Shane, Kian and Mark.

“We’ve been in contact recently more than we ever have been in the past four years – emails and texts have been flying around. Anything I’ve seen from the boys in their own personal endeavours when they’ve been interviewed by the media has all been very positive, and privately they’ve all been very positive,” he said. “I think they’ve all probably gone ‘Only Nicky would do something like this’, he added.

As you all know, Nicky is planning to release his debut album ‘Sunlight’ on May 13th – the day after his performance at the Eurovision 2nd Semi-Finals. (You can Pre-order it HERE!)

“This album is really personality based. I’ve shared some great stories on there – personal stories and professional ones from the Westlife years. There’s a song on there called Pop Machine which is all about being in Westlife. The lads are going to love it when they hear it. I’ll send them a copy,” he laughed. “There’s also a lovely song on the album called Pretty which is a little lullaby about Gia my little daughter,” Byrne added. “I’m very proud of the album and I’ve worked hard on it. I think it’s a good pop album and I can’t wait for people to hear it and to make their own minds up.”

Here are two pictures from his album Photoshoot:

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Nicky Reminds Fans To Catch Him on The Voice of Ireland Tomorrow

As previously mentioned this week, Nicky will perform on The Voice of Ireland, tomorrow at 6:30pm on RTÉ One! Here’s a reminder from Nicky himself 😉 Also, who’s excited for that mini-Westlife reunion of Nicky and Kian?!