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Westlife’s Interviews on BBC Radio

Who doesn’t love Westlife on a Saturday? The lads chatted to BBC Radio Manchester and BBC Radio Ulster earlier this week and both interviews aired this morning and afternoon. Listen back:

BBC Radio Manchesterskip to hour 1:09 and hour 1:42

BBC Radio Ulsterskip to hour 1:09

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Westlife: 2nd Croke Park Date Sells Out!

Huge news! Westlife’s 2nd Croke Park concert has sold out as well! Will you be one of the lucky fans attending the big events this upcoming July? Could not be prouder of the lads and all the support and success they’ve had in the last month. They deserve it all! ❤

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Westlife Wants to Focuss on their New Tour

While in Belfast, Westlife chatted to Cool FM about the moment they all got together to discuss their reunion, how they are planning to stay away from covers on their new album and how their main focuss right now is to plan their Twenty Tour.

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Westlife’s Press Conference in Dublin

Nicky, Shane, Mark and Kian stopped by the InterContinental in Dublin to chat to the media about Westlife 2.0, when they’ll be releasing their album and what Nicky plans to do with his radio show once Westlife goes on tour.

To look at all the pictures, click on the ones below:

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Weslife’s First Live Interview in 6 Years

Westlife had their first live interview on today’s Nicky Byrne Show! They talked about coming back, their new music, tour and even played a Louis Walsh rapid fire game. 🤣 Catch up now by watching the full video below:

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Westlife Announce The Twenty Tour

Westlife have announced their brand new comeback tour, named The Twenty Tour that’ll kick off on May 25th, 2019 in Belfast and it’ll end in Dublin on July 5th, 2019 at Croke Park! The lads will be visiting U.K. and Ireland so international fans better start saving money.

When do the tickets go on sale? On Thursday, October 25th, 2019.
But if you pre-order their upcoming album on their official site, you will get a special code for the ticket pre-sale! You can do it by CLICKING HERE.

At what time do tickets go on sale?
Pre-sale starts at 9AM (IRE time) Tuesday 23rd October, and the general on-sale tickets will be available from Thursday 25th October at 9AM.

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Westlife to Release New Single Next Month

When Westlife announced that they are getting back together, they didn’t specify when we would get to listen to their new music. But Louis Walsh, who is now co-managing the band with Sonny Takharm, chatted to The Irish Sun and said that we should be expecting Westlife’s new single next month! But it seems like we’ll have to wait a little longer for their album, which apparently will come out just before their tour from May to July, 2019.

Ed Sheeran and Steve Mac have written four tracks on the new Westlife album, one of them is an uptempo anthem, I can’t give the name of yet, which is going to be massive”, he said.

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The Westlife Reunion is On

We waited 6 years, we heard the constant rumours, we held our breaths for as long as I can remember, but now… Now it’s official! Westlife are back! I can’t believe I’m actually typing this. After a well deserved break, Nicky, Shane, Kian and Mark have decided to get back together for new music and a new tour. This comes on their 20th Anniversary and months away from the celebration of their very first single, “Swear It Again”.

Stay tuned for all the latest news, tour dates and music, because yes, guys, THEY BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN!

Here’s what they boys told The Sun about their most anticipated reunion:

Shane: “We genuinely missed each other and missed the buzz of performing on stage together to all our fans. We still have a lot that we want to achieve as a band and we want to bring our new music to fans all over the world.”

Nicky: “While we were away, we realised what Westlife really meant to the fans — and to us.”

Kian: “This time around our children will get to enjoy Westlife and see their daddies on stage.”

Mark: “It felt so great to be back in the studio together and hanging out with each other again. It just felt right. We’re fresh, ready and so excited for this new next chapter of Westlife.”

Make sure to get all the lastest news on Westlife by signing up to their newsletter on their official website, and follow them Twitter and Facebook.

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Nicky Sings “Angels” By Robbie Williams

Nicky’s been using his vacactions to practice his modeling skills, posing next to a statue, showing his different outfits. But what made fans extremely happy was the video he shared of Karaoke night with his family, where he sang “Angels” by Robbie Williams. If you’ve been a Nicky fan for a while, you know he’s sang it onstage before, and you can watch it back clicking here.

How I missed this! 😊❤

#Hollybops #Karaoke #Family ❤️ @robbiewilliams 😜

Una publicación compartida de Nicky Byrne (@nickybyrneinsta) el

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Nicky Byrne addresses Westlife reunion rumours

Nicky Byrne has set the record straight on those Westlife reunion rumours.

There was speculation recently that the band were getting back together, so sat down with Nicky to get the inside scoop.

Firstly, it appears that there are no immediate plans for Nicky to rejoin Kian Egan, Mark Feehily and Shane Filan on stage.

‘There is no truth in it! The thing about it is the four of us haven’t been in a room together since Jodi’s [Kian’s wife] mum’s funeral,’ he said.

‘That was the last time we spoke properly as a band, if you want to call it that.’

But there was some good news for fans of the boyband as Nicky was enthusiastic about the idea of the boys getting back together at some point.

‘I’d love to do a Westlife reunion as I hope would the other lads,’ the 2FM presenter said.

‘I wouldn’t love to do it now as I’ve got so much going on and I’m sure the other boys are the same.

‘So until we sit in a room and say what to you want to do? We don’t have a record deal but I’ve already heard labels that are interested.’

‘But we have discuss what kind of music we want to make. A big Westlife ballad, where does that sit with the current songs on radio? Where do we fit?

‘Not that we can’t fit, you look at Take That, they come out with great songs. That’s what I feel we would need to do.

‘I’d love to see all the fans again. I’d need to consider what would happen to the radio, can I take a sabbatical.’

‘I don’t know if we know when the right time for a reunion would be,’ the Dancing with the Stars host admitted.

‘I’d love to put a DVD on of a Westlife show with the four of us and have a few beers and laugh in a good way or what it used to be like!’

Nicky was chatting to us at the National Maternity Hospital Foundation coffee morning at Holles Street to celebrate World Prematurity Day on Friday 17th November 2017 supported by WaterWipes.

Drogheda based Irish Company WaterWipes has produced special “donate packs” for Prematurity Awareness Month. For every 60 pack sold, WaterWipes will donate 50c to the NMH Foundation and this will add to the total donation of €40,000 WaterWipes will make this year.