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Today: Album Signing at Golden Discs in Whitewater Shopping Centre, Newbridge

It’s Day 2 of Nicky’s album signings! Nicky signed more autographs at Golden Discs in Whitewater Shopping Centre, Newbridge, today! But before he did, he gave Newbridge Silverware a visit (they were the ones who sent Nicky all the special pins for the other Eurovision contestants, last week).

Pictures from the album signing, thanks to Nicky’s Official Facebook:

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Home > Appearances / Events > 2016 > Visiting Newbridge Silverware – 18.05.16

Home > Appearances / Events > 2016 > ‘Sunlight’ Album Signing at Whitewater Centre, Newbridge – 18.05.16

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Today: Album Signing at Golden Discs in Blanchardstown Shopping Centre

It’s Day 1 of Nicky’s album signings! Starting at 4:00pm, Nicky signed autographs at Golden Discs in Blanchardstown Shopping Centre to all the fans who attended. He even got interviewed by TV3’s XPOSÉ! Here are a few pictures Nicky shared on his Official Facebook:

Nicky will be signing more autographs tomorrow and on Thursday! Details:

  • Wednesday, May 18th: Golden Discs Whitewater Shopping Centre at 4:00pm.
  • Thursday, May 19th: Golden Discs St. Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre at 4:00pm.
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    Home > Appearances / Events > 2016 > ‘Sunlight’ Album Signing at Golden Discs in Blanchardstown Centre – 17.05.16

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    Nicky’s Back in Dublin with his Family

    After an amazing two weeks in Stockholm, Sweden, Nicky has returned to his home in Dublin. What an incredible experience it was to see Nicky go to Eurovision and represent Ireland!

    And now, let’s all celebrate the worldwide release of Nicky’s debut album, ‘Sunlight’! Do you have your copy yet!?

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    Additional Nicky Interviews in Stockholm

    Nicky did more than just a few interviews while participating in Eurovision this week. Here are some of the ones that were transmitted in the U.K. and Sweden that you might’ve missed!

    While the 1st Semi-Finals were being broadcasted in the U.K. on BBC 4, Nicky made a special appearance. You have to watch the oh-so-famous Westlife stools reference!

    thanks to nickybyrneinfo

    This is an interview Nicky did with Sweden’s Studio Eurovision before his stunning performance at the 2nd Semi-Finals. Gotta love Nicky’s face after taking a ginger shot! 😉

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    Sunlight album review

    Pip Ellwood-Hughes from Entertaiment Focus wrote a decent review about Nicky’s album, Sunlight. You can read his opinion below. What do you think about it? Is he right? Tell us on Twitter.

    Launching a solo career after being part of a hugely successful band isn’t the easiest of things to get right. Nicky Byrne, who was once part of the chart-topping Irish band Westlife, has seen his former band mates experience varying degrees of success since the band decided to call it a day. Of the five original members, Shane Filan has had the most success as a solo artist but even he hasn’t come close to the huge success Westlife enjoyed over their career. Nicky is launching his bid for solo stardom to coincide with his Eurovision attempt, where he is representing Ireland.

    Continue reading Sunlight album review

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    Check Out Nicky’s Newly Updated Official Website

    Now that Nicky’s debut album ‘Sunlight’ is out, his official website has been updated with new pictures and content – including the album’s song’s lyrics! So go take a look and enjoy. 🙂

    click on the picture to visit the website

    I added a couple of his album’s Photoshoot photos to the Picture Gallery:

    Gallery Link:

    Home > Photoshoots > 2016 > Debut Album ‘Sunlight’

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    Jenny Greene Catches Up With Nicky After Lasts Night’s Eurovision Semi-Finals

    On today’s The Nicky Byrne Show, Jenny talked to Nicky on the phone about last night’s Eurovision 2nd Semi-Final results. Sad to hear Nicky so down about what happened, but I hope that he knows he didn’t let anyone down – on the contrary, he made us prouder than ever! We love you, Nicky!

    Nicky also released the following official statement:

    “Obviously I’m disappointed – I really would have loved to represent Ireland at the final on Saturday, but sometimes things just don’t work out the way you want them to. I went out there and gave it my absolute best shot. I’ve had such an amazing time in Stockholm and I’m so glad I had the honour of representing Ireland at Eurovision. I’ve had some brilliant experiences and met fantastic people so I’ll take those special memories with me. I have no regrets – life is short and it was an incredible opportunity to represent my country in front of a global audience. I would recommend it to any music act to take on the challenge next year – there is no bigger platform. Over 200 million people watch the Eurovision and with America broadcasting the for the first time this year and Justin Timberlake performing during the interval act it just goes to show how popular and loved it is. I want to thank Team Ireland – Ian, Jay, Janet, Jennifer and Johann for all their hard work. It was brilliant to have such a great team with me. Thanks and love to Georgina, the kids and my family, thanks to friends, colleagues,my management team Tim and Joanne, RTE and Universal for all the support in recent months. There are too many people to thank – you know who you are and I’m very grateful for all the support you’ve shown me. Thanks to all the fans and everyone around the world who voted. When I get home I’m looking forward to promoting the new album Sunlight. I’m so proud that I had the opportunity to fly the flag for Ireland at Eurovision 2016.”


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    Nicky Smashes His Performance at Eurovision’s 2nd Semi-Finals

    Nicky took the stage at the Globe Arena in Stockholm to represent Ireland at the 2nd Semi-Finals and did his country and the world proud! You could see that he was having the time of his life, and all the crowd as well! Nicky shined on stage like he always has and showed just how much work he’s put into this whole experience.

    Unfortunately, he didn’t make it to the Eurovision Finals. Of course we’re all sad, specially after seeing how incredibly well he did, but this doesn’t mean he’s not a winner to all of us. It’s been so much fun to follow him on his Eurovision journey and I will always remember this. Nicky, don’t even for a moment think that you did something wrong… You are a star and we’ve never been prouder! You deserve a standing ovation for everything that you’ve done!

    Gallery Link:

    Home > TV > (2016) Eurovision > Performances > Semi Final 2 Broadcast – 12.05.16

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    Fun Questions with Nicky

    So there have been a lot of new Nicky interviews lately, but it’s always nice to have interviewers spice things up a bit and ask random/different questions! Check these out:

    1. In five words, how does it feel to be representing Ireland in the Eurovision?
    Excited, proud, nervous, pressured and honoured.

    2. What is your favourite Eurovision song ever, and why?
    What a tough question! I love the big ones for Ireland, ‘Hold me now’ and ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Kids’. I do like ‘New Tomorrow’, the Danish entry from 2011 sung by Friend From London.

    3. What is your favourite Westlife song ever, and why?
    Again tough to pick one. ‘Flying Without Wings’ will be eternally remembered as a great song, but my overall fave is World of Our Own. Back in 2002 even lads stopped us in the street to say: “that’s a half decent song that ‘World of Yisserr Owen’. It always filled dancefloors at parties, and still does.

    4. Who do you think is your biggest competition in this year’s Eurovision?
    Well the favourite in the bookies is France, and it’s very good. But I like Spain and Malta.

    5. Who would your ideal Eurovision supergroup include?
    Great question! I’ve decided to form a boyband and it would consist of: The main man – Johnny Logan; second lead singer – Robbie Williams; the one that only gets to do lead vocals every fifth track, but is great to have in there for press – David ‘The Hoff’ Hasslehoff; the one everyone wants to be – Brad Pitt; and the goodlooking one who doesn’t sing – David Beckham. This supergroup would be unstoppable, now to find the right song!

    6. Australia in the Eurovision. Discuss.
    I like the idea of Oz being involved. They have watched for years and the country is full of Irish and British fans, as well as Europeans. I’d say we are slowly moving towards a World Vision Song Contest in the future!

    7. Name five people, alive or dead, you’d love to have at a dinner party.
    My Dad, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Roy Keane and Erika Eleniak.

    8. Who would play you in the Hollywood movie of your life, and what would it be called?
    Leonardo Di Caprio stars in Doing The Business.

    9. If the world were ending tomorrow, what would you do today?
    I’m on a plane at the minute so I’d land, I’d book a flight and go home to the family. I’d get a smoked haddock from Beshoff’s or Burdock’s, with mushy peas and loadsa salt ‘n’ vinegar. And sure if it the world was really ending, I’d go with curry sauce and onion rings too. With a Coca Cola.

    10. The meaning of life according to Nicky.
    I read somewhere once that life has a sting in the tail. We spend so long worrying about what we should do rather than doing it, and while we are pondering life, it jumps up bites us in the ass and we’re gone, well before we’re ready. It’s short, so go out there and dance!

    Credits to SVT Eurovision and The Out Most