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Eurovision Opening Ceremony

Tonight is the Official Opening Ceremony of Eurovision 2016 at Stockholm’s City Hall. Prior to that, a red Red Carpet event took place for press and fans, outside EuroClub. Here are all the updates!

  • Eurovision Opening Ceremony:
  • Eurovision Opening Ceremony – Red Carpet:
  • A couple videos/interviews of Nicky while walking on the red carpet (including a very sweet one with a fan):

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    Life Lessons with Nicky Byrne

    Nicky recently sat with The Weekend Magazine to reflect on his life and share some lessons he’s had along the way. It’s a very nice article, and it only makes me a prouder fan, so definitely check it out!

    Massive thank you Kian Egan Web for sending the scans – click no them to full feature. Here are some of the highlights:

    Nicky on his Family and becoming a dad.
    “A young man always hopes that he’ll be lucky enough to become a dad. It was life-changing for me and I love it. I was always responsible, but we suddenly had to put the kids before ourselves and everything became about them.”

    Nicky on his Football days.
    “Playing football for Ireland as a teenager was amazing and it taught me an awful lot. You have to learn to lose as well as win. Everyone threw a big going-away party for me when I signed for Leeds United as a teenager, but I was back home within three years and I felt like a failure. That was probably one of the biggest challenges I’ve had in life.”

    Nicky on what his parents taught him.
    My dad taught me always to concentrate on the things you love. He told me to be honest with him and he would always have my back, and never to bring the Gardaí to the door. He also taught me that everything is mind over matter. My mam, Yvonne, taught me to be a human being and a gentleman. My sister Gillian, brother Adam and I were brought up in a very loving environment, and hopefully we have all served our parents well.

    Gallery Link:

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    Eurovision Press Conference & Interviews

    After rehearsals, Nicky went straight to a press conference with Team Ireland. He mentioned how his former Westlife bandmates have been so supportive of him on representing Ireland at Eurovision, and how Shane and Mark have give some nice tips! Also, my condolences go to Paul, Nicky’s drummer, on his dad passing away recently. Watch the full video below:

    Here are more interviews with Nicky:

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    2nd Rehearsals for Eurovision at the Globe Arena

    It’s Day 2 of Eurovision rehearsals for Nicky and Team Ireland at the Globe Arena! The big day is just around the corner, so it’s important that you tell all your friends and family to vote for Ireland on May 12th! To see which countries are in the 2nd Semi-Finals and can support Nicky, click here!

    Pictures of Nicky backstage:

    Here is Nicky rehearsing! Sounded absolutely incredible! Just keeps getting better and better 🙂

    Gallery Link:

    Home > TV > (2016) Eurovision > Backstage > Day 2 of Rehearsals – 07.05.16

    Home > TV > (2016) Eurovision > Rehearsals > Day 2 – 07.05.16

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    Nicky Wins ‘Most Stylish Man’ at the VIP Style Awards

    As if the week couldn’t get any better, Nicky just won ‘Most Stylish Man’ at the VIP Style Awards 2016! No one better than Nicky to get that title, I mean… Doesn’t he always look flawless? Congratulations, Nicky! Now we’re waiting for your award acceptance speech from Sweden 😉

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    Eurovision Ireland’s 40-Minute Interview with Nicky

    We had been waiting for it for week, and finally… Here it is! Eurovision Ireland‘s Interview with Nicky. Remember how they had been asking fans to send them questions for him? Well, so many were sent that the video ended up being almost 40 minutes long! So sit back and enjoy what is one of my favourites interviews yet!

    Make sure you follow Eurovision Ireland on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Periscope and Snapchat for more!

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    Behind The Scenes Eurovision Part 1

    It’s always nice to have some Behind The Scenes videos, and apparently we’ll be getting more in the next few days! Here is the first one where we can see Nicky leaving the Dublin Airport and arriving to Stockholm for Eurovision. Must’ve been amazing to be there and wish him well on his trip to the Song Contest. 🙂

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    ‘Sunlight’ is BBC Radio 2’s Album of The Week

    More congrats are in order because BBC Radio 2 just posted their Album of the Week and it’s none other than Nicky’s ‘Sunlight’! Well done! Also, don’t forget to request Nicky’s single on every radio station in Europe and the rest of the world. For more information click here.