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Nicky Receives Hard Copy of Debut Album ‘Sunlight’

Must’ve been a very special moment for Nicky to finally have a physical copy of his debut album in his hands! We will all be able to get one next week, but for now make sure you buy ‘Sunlight’ on iTunes or Google Play. All links can be found HERE!

I just want to congratulate Nicky on everything that’s been going on in his life lately! I can’t believe that after so many years, he finally has his own personal music out and it’s being shared with the world! The album is absolutely fantastic, and you can tell how much dedication and work he put into it. 🙂

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Nicky Sings ‘Sunlight’ Acoustic at Irish Embassy in Sweden

Ambassador Orla O’Hanrahan hosted a special evening for Nicky and Team Ireland at the Irish Embassy in Sweden, yesterday! Must’ve been a very nice experience. Here is a clip of Nicky performing ‘Sunlight’ like we had never listened to it before – Acoustic! And it sound beautiful!

Gallery Link:

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Buy Nicky’s Debut Album ‘Sunlight’

Nicky’s debut album ‘Sunlight’ is now available around the world! Make sure you get your physical and/or digital copies at a store near you, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and Deezer!

Main links to buy the Album:

Countries in alphabetical order (click on the names to buy the album):


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Listen Back To This Week’s Radio Interviews

Nicky spent his morning calling different radio stations in Ireland and the U.K. to talk about how things are going in Stockholm for Eurovision. Also, he got to play a challenge with Wynne Evans from BBC Radio Wales that you don’t want to miss! Listen back:

  • Cork’s Red FM with KC – 05.05.16
  • BBC Radio Wales with Wynne Evans . 05.05.16

  • Click to play – Skip to Hour 1:09:45

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    Eurovision 1st Meet & Greet with Nicky

    Once done with Rehearsals, Nicky headed to his Meet & Greet with the press of Eurovision. Watch the full event below! Here are some pictures as well:

    Here’s another video of the band getting their pictures taken before the press conference:

    For more on his rehearsal and backstage pictures, click here!

    Gallery Link:

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    1st Rehearsals for Eurovision at the Globe Arena

    Things got serious today because Nicky and Team Ireland had their very first rehearsals for Eurovision at the Globe! Nicky is no stranger to the Arena, having performed there a couple of times with Westlife. As his single, ‘Sunlight’, says: “Turn the music loud…”!

    Here are some pictures of Nicky arriving and getting ready:

    First Sneak Peek of Nicky’s performance! 30 pictures from rehearsals:

    To watch the full press coverage, click here!

    Gallery Links:

    Home > TV > (2016) Eurovision > Backstage > Day 1 of Rehearsals – 04.05.16
    Home > TV > (2016) Eurovision > Rehearsals > Day 1 – 04.05.16

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    Stockholm Day 1 Report from Nicky

    Nicky shared a video on Twitter where he gave his fans a little tour of his hotel room and talked about what his day was like. He even almost showed us the outfit he’ll be wearing on May 12th! …Almost! 😉 Hopefully we’ll get to see more of these type of videos while he’s in Stockholm.

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    Nicky’s Debut Album To Be Released on the 6th & 13th of May

    Big news! Nicky’s debut album ‘Sunlight’ was originally meant to be released on May 13th… And it will – But looks like fans outside of Ireland will get to enjoy the album online starting THIS Friday, May 6th.

    According to Nicky’s record label, Universal Music Ireland, international fans will be able to buy a digital copy of ‘Sunlight’ a week before its release in Ireland. And starting May 13th, physical copies will become available worldwide!

    All a bit too confusing and not too sure how that’ll affect the album’s charts… But on the bright side, only 3 more days until we get to listen to Nicky’s album! Pre-order ‘Sunlight’ HERE!

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    On The Cover of RTÉ Guide

    Nicky is on the latest cover of RTÉ Guide Magazine, and he looks amazing (then again, doesn’t he always?) 😉 Make sure you get a copy!

    Click on the picture to see its full size

    He revealed he that missed being in the spotlight when Westlife came to an end.
    “Only a chosen few get the opportunity to be in that position and I am very lucky to be among their number,” he told the RTE Guide. “We had 14 years and when it stopped, I didn’t miss it initially but after a while I did. It is like when a footballer or boxer who, when it all goes, looks back and thinks ‘Jeez I didn’t realise what I had’,” he explained.

    Nicky is focussed on getting into the finals of the Eurovision this month.
    “If I were to win the Song Contest that would be the biggest professional achievement of my life,” he admitted.

    He also mentioned that his wife, Georgina, is his soulmate:
    “We got together when we were 16 and now here we are three children later,” he said. “She is my soulmate: there is no other way of putting it. I am a family man first and foremost. I think it is simply down to how I was brought up,” he explained.

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