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Richard Curtis has us covered

BRITISH film producer Richard Curtis – the man behind movies like Love Actually and Notting Hill – suggested to Simon Cowell that we cover the Athlete song Chances.

It’s ended up on Gravity.Richard said he would like to use it in one of his films, so hopefully he’ll make Notting Hill 2 and that will be the theme tune.

When someone like Richard suggests a song, we all listen.

If you compare the original to ours, the difference is dramatic.

Athlete’s version is very cool and lo-fi whereas ours is big, cinematic and very pop.

We worked with Richard on Uptown Girl – it was him who got Claudia Schiffer in the video.

WITH the new single title in mind, we started to discuss what we think is the definition of beautiful.

Shane said his wife. Mark added that beauty was a personal thing. And some might think the desk that we were sitting at while editing today’s Playlist was beautiful, while others would think it was hideous.

Nicky meanwhile declared that he thinks Nando’s is beautiful.

Shane likes their chicken wings and Kian loves the chicken pitta with pineapple.

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Rihanna’s the girl

WITH Gravity being the title of the album, the tour will have that theme – maybe something space-influenced.

We just want it to look amazing. Every year we do a medley on tour and we’d like to do a Rihanna one this time as without a doubt she’s one of our favourite artists of 2010.

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Matt Cardle is a real hit

GOOD on Matt Cardle for selling so many singles since he won The X Factor.

He seemed nervous when he per­formed with Rihanna but no wonder, as she was standing in his face.

Nicky thinks they should’ve kissed at the end of the song.

While some of the finalists have signed to our record label, we haven’t really thought about coll­aborating with any of them – but who knows?

Wagner will do amazingly out of private gigs for the next few months – just look at Chico.

But Matt was a worthy winner.

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New tune is a surprise

YOU can imagine our next single Beautiful Tonight being played in a club.

Yes, it’s that different to what we usually release. John Shanks wrote it and it’s up-tempo and will open a few eyes and ears. People who don’t usually like Westlife might like it and hopefully people who do like us won’t not like it.

It’s young, fresh and exciting so we feel brilliant about it coming out. When they first hear it, some people might go: “Whoa, who is that?” and that’s why we wanted it as our first song on the album.

It’d be cool to get a couple of good dance remixes off it but we won’t be coming up with a dance routine for it on tour, except for maybe a few clicks and putting one foot in front of the other. The song reminds us of the early days when we put out World Of Our Own.

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Why we have to change! But bring on 2011

THE next 12 months are going to be very interesting and exciting in the Westlife camp.

Not only do we have lots of songs we feel are strong enough to be singles off our latest album Gravity, there’s our arena tour in March, plus we are nearly out of our recording contract with Simon Cowell’s Syco label.

Are we gonna stay for a million pound contract? That’s the million dollar question. We’ll have to see as it’s all about doing what’s right.

Musically, we feel stronger than ever but it’s all about how it’s marketed.

We know we’re releasing Beautiful Tonight next but we want to emulate someone like Pink and release four or five tracks from this album.

The Reason should be one as we want to show people the variety on the album.

Over the last few years there’s just been one single based around Christmas and that’s a Syco thing to be honest.

The Westlife formula has to change and we want to do things differently because we love this album.

We don’t wanna release one song and then be like “see you later”.

Internationally, the ballads haven’t been working for us, so with the new single we’re hoping to get back in there.

But we don’t think you’ll see us at the festivals, unless it’s Kian in a corner drunk.

We’re not sure whether festival audiences are Westlife audiences but the pop tent at the Isle Of Wight festival would be good.

If our schedule allows, we’re up for it – bring it on.