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Nicky on his Debut Album: “I Wanted to Deliver the Best Vocals I Can with Bags of Personality”

Last week, Nicky talked on the phone to Ellwood-Hughes from Entertainment Focus, where he discussed his debut album and Eurovision. Here are some of the highlights:

Nicky on Representing Ireland at Eurovision.
It’s a very proud honour to represent your country in anything. If you’re the chosen one this year to do it, you give it your best shot and you fly the flag. You just hope that you do your best and everyone is happy.

At the end of the day it’s a song contest not a singing contest. Obviously you have to be able to sing well and there’s plenty of singers in there better than others but it’s the song and the whole package. It’s a bit of everything thrown in there. We’re trying to show people that it’s OK for artists that have had different experiences in their career to go and do Eurovision.

Nicky on his music being different from Westlife’s.
I didn’t sit down and say ‘I want to do something way different here’. Westlife was me as well and I did love the songs. I’m not here going ‘this is what I really am’. Not at all. People didn’t know me as a lead singer apart from the hardcore Westlife fans who would have known the album tracks and seen me on many tours taking leads. I always found myself enjoying the tours the most because I like to be a bit of a showman and an entertainer. I love the big stage and I love the crowds. If you’re going to do an album then you need to do songs that are going to lend themselves well to those live arenas.

What I was trying to do was deliver an emotional vocal delivery and lyrics that people believed in.

What this album is as well is personality. I wanted to deliver the best vocals I can with bags of personality. I’ve always enjoyed a right good laugh and banter on stage, it was always my role in Westlife. I was the one that got people on the stage and you always want people to have fun and go home having enjoyed themselves. You do that by singing the songs but you also do that by doing things they don’t expect you to do. There was one night where there was a guy in the front row with his missus who didn’t want to be there. The front was jumping around and he as sat with his arms folded. We all saw him from the very first song and I thought ‘I’m going to have a laugh with this guy’. I got chatting to him, found out he was from Glasgow and his favourite band was Wet, Wet, Wet. We got him up on the big screens and got someone to get him a pint. We started singing Love Is All Around Us and all the crowd knew it. We put a smile on his face.

Click here to read the full interview.

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Eurovision Promotional Pictures

Nicky had a Photoshoot with photographer Lili Forberg for his Eurovision Promotional Pictures, last week. Here are the ones that have been added to his official profile for the song competition. So gorgeous! Click on one to view all of them:

His Eurovision profile is definitely worth the read. Check out Nicky’s answers to a short Q&A:

What are the three most interesting aspects about your entry?
Sunlight is essentially a love song and its message is one of positivity. The message is clear “Tomorrow is a new day and the sunlight shining on your face at the start of any new day should make you smile be fresh and to begin again”. When I co-wrote the song I was picturing myself walking up a mountain to reach the summit, breaking through the clouds to see the new morning sunlight. I have performed in the Globe Arena with Westlife before and I can’t wait to return, it really is one if the best arenas in the world.

Do you have a lucky routine before going on stage?
My lucky routine is always to tap my wedding ring on the plane door before I fly anywhere and to call my Dad’s voicemail (he passed away in 2009) just before I go on stage.

Why is the Eurovision Song Contest important to you?
The Eurovision was massive in our household when I was growing up and I have kept up the tradition with my entire family sitting down to watch it together. I was very fortunate to live through some of the Irish glory years of the 1980’s and 1990’s when Ireland won so many times. My aim going to Stockholm is to do my family and my country proud. It would be incredible to qualify for the final and I will do my very best to make that happen.

Visit Eurovision.TV for more interesting facts and a summarised bio.

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New Photoshoot from Photographer Kieran Slyne

A massive thank you to Stephen O Halloran, who works at RTÉ, for sharing this beautiful picture of Nicky. It was recently taken by Photographer, Kieran Slyne. Click on it to view its full size:

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Exclusive – Sunday World Magazine Photoshoot Outtake

In case you missed it, Sunday World Magazine featured Nicky in their latest issue. Photographer, Owen Breslin took some amazing pictures of him, and he exclusively shared one with the fansite! A massive thank you. Give his website a visit:

Click on the image to view it full size

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Nicky Talks to Sunday World About Eurovision & Family


Nicky was recently interviewed by Sunday World Magazine, and he’s in today’s issue. A massive thank you to Judith for sending me a scan of the article. You can read it by clicking on the pictures below:

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RTÉ’s Eurovision Announcement at the Morrison Hotel HQ Pictures

As you know, two days ago Nicky had an extremely busy day because news came out that he will be representing Ireland at the 2016 Eurovision song competition in Stockholm. RTÉ held a special event at the Morrison Hotel where Nicky talked to the press.

Here I have 7 EXCLUSIVE High Quality pictures of Nicky. Massive thank you to hermionegranger for sending them in:

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Nicky Byrne Is Planning His Eurovision Performance

Nicky was at the Morrison Hotel where RTÉ announced that he will be representing Ireland at Eurovision this year. He mentioned his album plans:

“I’ve written this album over the past few years and it was always going to come out in 2016.” Nicky said. “We’re talking to a label at the moment and I think a deal usually comes off the back of a single and I think Sunlight is the song to do that, it just happens to also be Ireland’s entry to the Eurovision. Hopefully the album will come out later this year but right now I’m riding the crest of this wave of Eurovision.”

Nicky also decided not to receive a fee from his Eurovision performances and instead has requested his payment to go back into the production costs.

“It’s an honour to represent my country and it makes sense to me to put that money into the performance so it can look better,” he added.

Click here to watch a video interview with The Irish Times

Here are 12 pictures:

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Nicky mentioned to that he sent the song to his former Westlife bandmates before making today’s announcements:

“I haven’t asked them for advice but I’ve texted them all last night with the song and video, told them it was true and wanted them to hear from me first,” he explained. “I rang Louis as well obviously, every one of them text and were really positive, ‘love the song, love the video, very catchy, you can do it’.”

“Kian sent a lovely text saying, ‘I got your back, you can do it’, Mark’s going ‘this makes me so happy, the song, the Eurovision, you. At last you’re doing something you’ve really wanted to do’,” he smiled. “I think Shane’s in Dubai at the minute and he said ‘I loved the song, fair play, what do you have to lose’.”

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