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Nicky Byrne reveals he is leaving RTÉ 2FM show this year ahead of new Dancing with the Stars return

The star says he wants to ‘carve’ out his career with Westlife.

Nicky Byrne has revealed he has decided to step away from his radio show in order to make time for the upcoming Westlife tour.

The Westlife star has chosen to take some time out from the airwaves as he gears up for an extremely demanding year ahead.

Between co-hosting Dancing with the Stars as well as working on releasing new music with Westlife ahead of their reunion tour , Nicky said: “When it came to carving out a new career after the band, I never wanted to try and do a solo album, having known the success I experienced with Westlife.

“It’s very hard to emulate what someone like Robbie Williams did. So I thought, I’m just going to become my own man here, and create something for myself, which I believe I have done now. I’m not ‘Nicky from Westlife’ any more, which is strange because that used to be my surname,” he told RTÉ Guide.

However, fans of the 2FM show needn’t worry, as Nicky is certain he will go back to radio and TV when the tour is over, explaining: “I see radio and TV as a big part of my life, like a Ryan Tubridy or a Pat Kenny. I want to be a TV presenter for a long time.”

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