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The Nicky Byrne Show Returns Today at 10am on RTÉ 2fm

This last week and a half has felt kind of empty without Nicky and Jenny, but today the show finally returns! Tune into RTÉ 2fm at 10am (Ireland and UK time – click to find your timezone), or you can listen online by choosing on one of the links below:

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Nicky Byrne admits surprise at radio success: ‘I never thought it could be as strong as it is’


FORMER Westlife star Nicky Byrne has revealed that he was surprised at how successful his Rte 2fm radio show is, admitting he never thought it was going to be so successful.

The singer, who hosts the Nicky Byrne Show with Jenny Greene, has gone from strength to strength as the latest radio listenership figures reveal the show has a total of 163,000 listeners.

Speaking at the launch of Rte 2fm’s Christmas appeal for the ISPCC yesterday (MON), he said+ “It’s going really well. I never thought it could be as strong as it is right up to this point.

“But it is fun. People stop us in the street and say things like ‘It’s just a bit of a laugh.’

“But every now and again, especially moving to 10am, you deal with some serious issues when they arise but predominantly we’re having fun.

“People who have said to us, people who drive for a living or who work in an office, say to us that they are giggling and laughing and it passes the time and I’m learning things about random stuff.

“But mainly if you can go to work and have fun, then that’s half the battle, which I genuinely have every day. We do. There hasn’t been a day yet where I have come in thinking that it is a drag.”

The Dubliner also ruled out any reunion with Westlife in the near future, claiming “it’s not for me right now.”

“I always love performing. I still do. I was in the 3Arena last week with U2 playing and that’s what you miss – You miss those big nights and we had a conversation afterwards with Larry Mullen. He asked me the same question.

“I personally would’ve classed them (the big nights) as the best because I really came alive on stage during those moments.

“But as far as a reunion is concerned, I mean, there is no plans, there hasn’t been one conversation about it. It’s not for me right now.

“I see things all the time, every other day, one of us is denying it, one of us is saying different. You know we all say, ‘Never say never’ because we didn’t fall out and I’m sure one day we might consider it.

“The stuff with Boyzone (Westlife and Boyzone forming a supergroup) I can’t see why that would be on any interest to anybody. I don’t think that will happen.

“You see things every so often about a reunion but until you hear from us, there are no reunion plans and right now, even for me, if the three lads said to me ‘right now we’d love to do it.’, it wouldn’t be the right time.

“I have my own album coming out next year, Mark’s album has just come out recently, Shane’s about to go on tour and Kian has just had a brand new baby, I’m sure he’s going to do some TV work and probably music stuff planned for next year so for all of us, we’re all thriving.

“So no, it is not around the corner anytime soon.”


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Nicky Byrne: ‘Other presenters thought my 2FM show would be a DISASTER – now we’re celebrating one year on air’

The radio host has hit back at radio stars that said his show would never work.

Nicky Byrne has revealed other radio presenters thought his 2fm show would be a disaster.
The former Westlife star has said he has finally proved his critics wrong – as he is set to celebrate one year on air next week with co-host Jenny Greene.
After winning the ratings battles in the last few JNLR figure releases, Nicky is quickly becoming radio’s biggest stars.
“Some other presenters on other stations who have less listeners than us said this would be a disaster,” Nicky admitted.

Unfortunately, the Dubliner didn’t name names, but hinted that a male DJ had tried to put him down.
“Can I say it? I don’t care. What was his name again? I actually can’t even remember his name,” he said.
“Someone from another radio station said something bad about us? That can’t be true,” co-host Jenny laughed.
It isn’t the first time the ex-boybander has been faced with criticism since he made the transition from music to radio.

Nicky felt pressure from listeners over his presenting skills in the shows early days but insisted the digs didn’t bother him.
“You can’t keep everybody happy – when you do a job in public life people have their opinions and you are going to get a bit of stick here and there.”