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Stars Wish Nicky Good Luck at Eurovision!

RTÉ put together an amazing video of different stars and friends of Nicky, wishing him good luck at Eurovision! Makes me so happy to see all the support he’s getting… Well deserved! 🙂

And let’s not forget his former Westlife bandmates!

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Nicky Gives Eurovision Contestants A Special Irish Gift

If this doesn’t show what a wonderful person Nicky is, I don’t know what does. He had some special old style microphone lapel pins, made by Newbridge Silve, so he could give them to all his fellow Eurovision contestants.

A pal of Nicky’s said: “Eurovision is all about goodwill and competing. Not everyone will make the Grand Final but they will all receive Nicky’s souvenir.”

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Nicky Is Ready to Watch Eurovision’s 1st Semi-Finals

Eurovision’s 1st Semi-Finals are tonight (9:00pm CET), and Nicky is getting ready to watch the show and competition. He will be performing tomorrow for the Jury show and then again on Thursday, where all of Europe will be able to vote. He’ll be song #7!

Watch the first semi-finals at

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Nicky Receives Hard Copy of Debut Album ‘Sunlight’

Must’ve been a very special moment for Nicky to finally have a physical copy of his debut album in his hands! We will all be able to get one next week, but for now make sure you buy ‘Sunlight’ on iTunes or Google Play. All links can be found HERE!

I just want to congratulate Nicky on everything that’s been going on in his life lately! I can’t believe that after so many years, he finally has his own personal music out and it’s being shared with the world! The album is absolutely fantastic, and you can tell how much dedication and work he put into it. 🙂

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Stockholm Day 1 Report from Nicky

Nicky shared a video on Twitter where he gave his fans a little tour of his hotel room and talked about what his day was like. He even almost showed us the outfit he’ll be wearing on May 12th! …Almost! 😉 Hopefully we’ll get to see more of these type of videos while he’s in Stockholm.

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Get The 7th Heaven Remixes of ‘Sunlight’

Two weeks ago, Nicky released the 7th Heaven Remixes of his single ‘Sunlight’… And boy, did we love them! Well, now they’re finally available on iTunes worldwide! So get your weekend ready, & blast the song everywhere you go!

Main link:

Countries in alphabetical order (click on the names to buy them):


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Nicky Reminds Fans To Catch Him on The Voice of Ireland Tomorrow

As previously mentioned this week, Nicky will perform on The Voice of Ireland, tomorrow at 6:30pm on RTÉ One! Here’s a reminder from Nicky himself 😉 Also, who’s excited for that mini-Westlife reunion of Nicky and Kian?!

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Nicky Says Goodbye to the Soccer Aid Trophy… For Now

On his way to to London for the London Eurovision Party 2016, Nicky took the Soccer Aid trophy with him (that he’s had for the past two years). He tweeted a few pictures from the airport in Dublin that show how the very special possession traveled. 😉 No worries Nicky, it’ll be back in Ireland before you know it!

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Send Eurovision Ireland Your Questions for Nicky

Eurovision Ireland will be meeting Nicky Byrne tomorrow at the London Eurovision Party, and they will also spend Monday evening with him in Dublin for an exclusive interview!

Want to hear the best part? You can send them your questions by using the hashtag #AskNickyByrne and following them on Twitter and Instagram. Make sure you tell them what country you are from!