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Have Something You Want to Ask Nicky? Here’s How!

Ever wanted to ask Nicky a question? Well, now’s your chance! Eurovision’s Official Twitter is giving fans the opportunity to send their questions, by adding the #AskNicky hashtags to their tweets. Get your Qs ready and send them now!

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‘Sunlight’ Tentative Available for Download Date

Nicky had some time to kill while waiting on something in his car, so he had another Twitter Party with his fans, where he revealed that he thinks ‘Sunlight’ will be available for download on February 12! That’s two weeks from now & a day before his live performance on The Ray D’Arcy Show.

He also shared two stunning selfies. Gotta love him! 😉

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Request ‘Sunlight’ On Your Local Radio Stations

We all know Sunlight is a brilliant tune, and it’s absolutely perfect for Eurovision – It’s catchy, it’s fun, it’s uplifting! It makes you want to blast it in your car, roll down the windows and dance along.

So what’s next? We have to get the word out there about Nicky’s first song as a solo artist. Yes, basically all of Ireland has heard last week’s amazing news, but let’s make sure it gets the airplay time it deserves! How do we do that? Simple:

  • Listen to your local radio stations.
  • Look them up on twitter.
  • Send them a tweet asking them to play: ‘Sunlight’ by Nicky Byrne.
  • Preferably include the link to Nicky’s lyric video:
  • Or you could call and/or text them.
  • See? Easy! Keep requesting the song throughout the week and let’s get it to the top of the radio charts!

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    Nicky Will Be Visiting Which Countries Soon?

    Nicky had a bit of a Twitter party with his fans tonight, where he answered a few questions about possible promo for his album and ‘Sunlight’ being available for download.

    He mentioned that he’ll definitely be visiting Holland, Germany, Denmark and the U.K. He also said he’d love to go to Mexico and Los Angeles, CA in the United States.

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    You Won’t Believe What Nicky’s Toothbrush Says

    The signs are everywhere! Nicky is meant to represent Ireland at the 2016 Eurovision in Stockholm, and his new toothbrush indicates just that! 😉