Fan Of The Month

Name: Angélica
Age: 29
Country: Paraguay
Twitter: @mellark24

1. When did you become a Nicky fan?
Since 1999.

2. What do you like most about him?
His sense of humor.

3. Favourite song from Nicky’s debut album, ‘Sunlight’?
Still The One.

4. List your favourite Westlife album, song & music video:
Westlife álbum: World of our own, song: Flying without wings, video: Us against the world.

5. Out of all of the projects Nicky’s done since Westlife split, which one do you like most?
His career as a radio host.

6. What is your favourite Nicky dance on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’?

7. If you could say anything to Nicky, what would it be?
Nicky, I hope you continue shining and are happy.

8. Share your favourite picture of Nicky (it can also be a gif)

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