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Greatest Hits Tracklisting & Artwork Revealed!

The wait is finally over… Westlife are excited to reveal the album artwork and track listing for their forthcoming Greatest Hits album! The album features 4 news tracks including the brand new single ‘Lighthouse’.

Check out the full tracklisting below!

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Westlife: We Track Down Manband’s New Video shoot… In Africa

IT’S 6am and the sun is rising over the stunning South African landscape.

In the pre-dawn light, the sight is incredible.

Baboons peer inquisitively at us, a zebra roams lazily across the plain and looming into view in front of us is the unmistakeable sight and sound of…. Westlife.

The manband can’t believe their luck to be here in this glorious wilderness to shoot a video for their new single Lighthouse.

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Lighthouse preview

You can now listen to an exclusive clip of the boys new single ‘Lighthouse’!

The track which was written by Gary Barlow, features on the forthcoming Greatest Hits album.

Keep checking back to find out when you can pre-order the new single. Let us know what you think about the clip of ‘Lighthouse’ in the comments section below.

Westlife- Lighthouse (90 sec clip) by WestlifeGreatestHits

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Do You Remember… (Week 2)

Do you remember Westlife’s first ever world tour? Were you there to see them? Well, if you were then you’d know that the band’s first world tour that covered Europe and Asia over 10 years ago in 2001 was called the ‘Where The Dreams Come True Tour.’

Shane, Mark, Kian and Nicky went on tour in support of their debut, self-titled album.

The set list included some of the boys early hits including ‘Flying Without Wings,’ ‘Uptown Girl’ and ‘Swear It Again.’

Since that tour, Westlife have embarked on another 10 world tours including ‘World of Our Own Tour’ ‘The Number One’s Tour’ and more recently the ‘Gravity’ tour, visiting everywhere from Europe, Asia to Australia and the Middle East!

Where The Dreams Come True tour kick started all of this so we wanted to highlight this special moment in the band’s career, check out the video and share your memories of the tour in the comment section below!

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Westlife’s new single ‘Lighthouse’: First listen

Earlier today, your trusty Digital Spy music scribes were played the new Westlife single, ‘Lighthouse’, in full, three times over, and at a perfectly respectable volume.

So, how does the band’s 31st single shape up? Here’s what we jotted down.

    First things first, it was penned by Gary Barlow, produced by John Shanks (Kelly Clarkson, Bon Jovi) and clocks in at 3 minutes and 57 seconds.
  • The song is about how their partners have stuck by them through the difficult times and now they want to settle down with them for good.
  • It’s probably the most grown-up sounding single Westlife have ever released.
    • “This kind of love is more than a lifeline/ For a man as weak as me,” Shane Filan admits on the openings bars over a soul-funk piano riff, before asking: “How did the sea get so rough?/ I would have drowned/ If you hadn’t given me your love.”
  • Lyrics to the chorus include: “You’re the light in the dark/ You’re the seat in the park/ You’re the lighthouse that I need.”
  • The song’s highlight is easily the middle eight around the 2:55 mark, where a slew of thrashing drums clash together as they sing: “I owe it all to you/ Everything I have right now.”
  • Despite being their first release away from Syco, it would soundtrack a tearful X Factor moment rather nicely.
  • Better yet, listen to a 90-second clip of the track and judge for yourselves below:
  • Westlife- Lighthouse (90 sec clip) by WestlifeGreatestHits

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Behind the scenes of Lighthouse

Check out an exclusive behind the scenes look at the brand new video for ‘Lighthouse’ below!

You can see the boys shoot on location in South Africa as they talk about their new single exclusively on Vevo.

Keep checking back to be one of the first to watch the brand new video for ‘Lighthouse’.