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Westlife star gives wake-up call over heart attacks

WESTLIFE’S Nicky Byrne has revealed how he believes his father might still be alive if he hadn’t made the fatal mistake of ignoring a stomach pain.

Despite appearing fit and healthy, Nikki Byrne Snr died of a heart attack when he was 60. And his son believes that, like his father, thousands of Irish men die unnecessarily each year because they ignore the early signs of a heart attack.

Speaking to the Irish Independent, Byrne said: “Had he gone to the doctor the night before his death, maybe things might have been different.”

The Westlife star — who has twin sons with Bertie Ahern’s daughter Georgina — told how his father died suddenly in November 2009, weeks short of his 61st birthday.

The night before he died, Nikki Byrne Snr came home with a pain in his lower stomach but decided to soldier through it.

The next day he died of a heart attack at work.

“I genuinely thought that dad would live till he was 95 or 105 or something incredible but it wasn’t to be. Maybe that was the eye-opener for us to say, ‘look, nobody’s invincible’, and if you are having those problems all it takes is to call the ambulance,” Byrne added.

Byrne will be the voice behind a television campaign, beginning this weekend, by the Irish Heart Foundation to encourage more men to wake up to the early signs of a heart attack.

“Calling 999 is a big thing but the ambulance service and the emergency departments are behind this (campaign). They are going to a lot of calls where people aren’t having a heart attack but everybody’s happy to respond. They’d rather send people home after not having a heart attack than to not get the call,” he added.

– Kevin Keane

Irish Independent

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Nicky set to be a voice for RTE

Westlife singer being lined up to host the station’s new talent show

WESTLIFE star Nicky Byrne has emerged as the favourite to present RTE’s new talent show The Voice. This will be RTE’s main weapon in the autumn to combat TV3’s weekend X Factor special.

TV3 is planning to show the US X Factor on Friday nights and the UK version on Friday and Saturdays. RTE has previously relied on the All Ireland Talent Show (AITS) on Sunday evenings as its main variety show, it having replaced You’re A Star.

However, RTE has ditched AITS and despite its Grainne Seoige host going for an audition during the week for The Voice, we hear the Galway beauty is not a shoo-in.


An RTE source claims Montrose management and the Dutch producers of The Voice are angling to get Nicky Byrne on board.

Nicky has turned out to be a consummate presenter of the Childline children’s concert and is thought to have a bright future in broadcasting whenever Westlife reach its ends.

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Kian and Jodi will be marvellous parents, says delighted Nicky

WESTLIFE star Nicky Byrne has revealed his delight for his bandmate Kian Egan, who is preparing to become a father for the first time.

The Dublin singer told the Diary how he was delighted to hear earlier this month that Kian and his wife, Wonderland singer Jodi Albert, were expecting their first child.

The singer explained how Kian was a great help when he started his own family with wife Georgina Ahern. The couple have children, twin brothers Rocco and Jay (4).


“It’s such great news. The thing about Kian is he has a load of nieces and nephews so Kian, if I’m honest, was actually giving me and Georgina tips when we started having kids, back in the day,” he laughed.

Speaking at the launch of the new ad campaign for the Irish Heart Foundation earlier this week, the star who was accompanied by his wife and their twin sons, revealed that singer Jodi has always been very maternal.

“Kian was very good with kids from the offset so I really think he will be a great dad and Jodi will be a great mum, she’s brilliant with Rocco and Jay, she’s very very motherly. I am genuinely delighted for them,” he revealed.

Meanwhile, the Dublin star — who is tipped to be the new co-presenter of RTE’s The Voice — told the Diary that he hasn’t met or spoken to former bandmate Brian McFadden since his return to Ireland.

The Australia’s Got Talent judge is in town for a month with model girlfriend Vogue Williams, and although he asked Westlife member Mark Feehily to meet up last week, Nicky (32) says he hasn’t heard from him at all.


“I haven’t seen Brian or heard anything from him, you probably see him or hear about him more than I do,” he joked.

The dad-of-two insists however that there is no bad blood between them.

“I never fell out with Brian, he’s a good mate but just haven’t heard from him or seen him at all,” he explained.