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And here is your host, Nicky Byrne – Westlife star wants to be the new Dermot O’Leary

HE is only out of a job two weeks, but ex Westlife star Nicky Byrne has revealed he has his eye on a career in TV, and wants to be the new Dermot O’Leary.

“I’ve always been interested in interviewing people as opposed to being interviewed,” the singer who previously had a career as a professional footballer has said, as he considers his future options.

The dad of two has revealed that he has not been short of offers in the weeks since the band played their final concerts in Croke Park.

“There is nothing in stone right now although I have had a lot of interest,” Nicky said as he revealed that he would like the be Ireland’s answer to Dermot O’Leary or Ryan Seacrest.

Nicky, who has in the past presented shows on 2FM said: “Radio stations especially in Ireland say they would love to get me on. I would love to do something in radio, but what exactly, I’ve no idea. Priority-wise, TV is really where I want to be.

And The Voice of Ireland host Kathryn Thomas had better watch out, as Nicky says his ultimate job would be a presenting a talent show in Ireland

“Shiny floor, prime time, your Dermot O’Learys, Ryan Seacrest of this world – I do look at them with a bit of envy and think I’d love to do a job like that, presenting a big, big show.

“Right now it’s loads of meetings – I’ve met with the guys from ITV, I’ve met with the guys from BBC, I’ve met with RTE and loads of different people like that.

“Meetings are meetings – they excite me but at the end of the day you have to turn them into something in stone. Until that day comes they are just meetings.”


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Are you going on tour again, Da?

Family man … Nicky can now focus on his wife and twin sons

POP hunk Nicky Byrne’s kids still can’t believe he’s finally off the road and HOME for good.

The former Westlife star was popping out to the shops when his twins Jay and Rocco met him at the door and demanded: “Are you going on tour again, Daddy?”

The lads — like their old man — can’t believe Westlife are really finished.

A thing of the past … Westlife on stage

Nicky, 33, said he “couldn’t be any happier” after the chart-toppers bowed out in spectacular style with a series of sold-out shows at Croke Park last month.
And speaking to the Irish Sun as he made his first post-split appearance alongside gorgeous wife Georgina, Byrne explained that it would take “a good few months” before it would start to sink in.

He smiled: “People have been asking are the kids delighted to have me home — but the thing is, after every Westlife tour we’d always have time off, and they often came on the road with us so I was never away from them that long.

“The concerts were incredible, absolutely amazing and something we’ll never forget.

“It was a chance for us to say thanks to the fans as much as anything else, because they’ve been with us since day one.

“It still hasn’t really sunk in because it just feels like the end of a tour. I suppose it might be six months down the line before it hits home.

Portrait … Nicky with wife Georgina, twins Rocco and Jay, and father-in-law Bertie Ahern

“But it’s funny. I was going out during the week to do some errands and they asked, ‘Are you going out on tour again daddy?’, so it obviously hasn’t dawned on them yet. We won’t really appreciate it until it’s been a while.”
Georgina laughed: “He’s right, it’s been nice having him home but it just feels like an extended break, rather than the end of the band. It’ll take some getting used to.”

Nicky and Georgina were speaking at the launch of new women’s website,, which has signed up Byrne’s stunning missus as a columnist.

The professional fitness trainer has agreed to dish all on the latest fashion and fitness tips.

A sister website to Jerry Flannery’s, contributors will include Today FM’s Mairead Farrell, MTV babe Laura Whitmore and RTE’s Evanne Ni Chuilinn.

Georgina told us: “I’m really looking forward to it. has been a huge success and it’s great that now there’ll be site like this for women.”

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Anyone want some exclusive Westlife news? can reveal exclusive news about Westlife’s future plans.

Firstly, Shane Filan is planning to launch his solo career on The X Factor.
The former Westlife star has already recorded his debut single, which has been described as “Buble meets Adele”. Filan’s Manager, Louis Walsh, has vowed to pull out all the stops for the project, as he is determined to reverse the star’s fortunes following his recent bankruptcy.

Shane will first appear on The X Factor to help Louis pick his final four acts. He’ll then perform his solo single for the first time during the live finals and the intention is to make the song available for download straight afterwards. Celebritain have learned that the release could coincide with the release of the band’s next live dvd.

A Source told Celebritain “Louis isn’t going to waste any time with Shane. In the wake of his financial issues the plan is to launch him as soon as possible and the only thing they’re waiting for is The X Factor. There’s no way they’re going to waste the opportunity to launch Shane’s career infront of so many viewers”.
Ironically, the performance will see Shane go head-to-head in a ratings battle with his former bandmate Nicky Byrne, who is negotiating lucrative offer to appear on BBC One’s Strictly Come Dancing. The BBC have huge plans for Nicky including his own show on BBC Radio 2. They are also hoping he will agree to become a mentor on The Voice.

A Source told Celebritain “The BBC want to turn Nicky in to their next big star. There are talks of him either becoming a mentor on The Voice or even a co-host, when the show gets a revamp next year. The idea is to give him his own Radio 2 show as well and turn him into a major new face on the channel”.
Kian Egan has also agreed to continue as a mentor on The Voice of Ireland whilst Mark is not planning to release any solo material until late next year.

Fans of the band were in mourning today after they performed together for the final time in Dublin’s Croke Park last night. However the legend will live on with an official 2013 calendar and potentially a new live cd to accompany the official Farewell Concert and documentary dvd scheduled for release 19th November.

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West end boys: As they bow out after 14 years, Westlife reveal their hits…. and misses

As the final curtain approaches for Westlife, with their last concerts at Dublin’s Croke Park tonight and tomorrow, we look at the highs and lows of Kian Egan, Mark Feehily, Shane Filan and Nicky Byrne’s 14-year career…

  • Westlife have sold 44 million albums, had 14 Number Ones, three short of The Beatles, and 25 Top Ten singles. They were the first act to have their first seven singles reach the top spot.
  • Before fame beckoned Nicky, who failed in his attempt to become a professional footballer with Leeds United, was due to start training with the Garda, the Irish police force. Shane was studying business and accounting, Kian was working in a jeans shop, planning to teach children music, and Mark was a pizza delivery boy with singing ambitions.
  • Continue reading West end boys: As they bow out after 14 years, Westlife reveal their hits…. and misses

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Nicky: I still don’t know if final decision to split is right


WESTLIFE star Nicky Byrne has admitted he still doesn’t know if he and his bandmates have made the right decision to split.

Nicky and fellow bandmates Shane Filan, Mark Feehily and Kian Egan – who sold over 45 million records during their stellar 14 year career – are currently touring the UK and Ireland for the last time before going their separate ways.

Continue reading Nicky: I still don’t know if final decision to split is right

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Stools Given The Axe

WESTLIFE considered smashing up four bar stools as part of their Farewell Tour to make a joke of their reputation for sitting while singing soppy ballads.

Star Nicky Byrne said he pitched the idea to his three fellow band members Shane Filan, Mark Feehily and Kian Egan but that it was spiked.

The chart-toppers – who sold over 45 million records during their stellar 14 year career – are currently touring the UK and Ireland for the last time before going their separate ways.

But the high energy shows will be a bar stool-free zone.

Nicky said: “I did actually suggest at some point in the show to have stools just as a p*ss-take of the whole thing and maybe blew them up or smash them up and do something crazy with them but it didn’t come off so there are categorically no stools in the show.”

“Part of me comes alive on stage – I love the banter with the crowd, everything is off the cuff and you are reading out filthy banners, getting people on stage and just doing whatever pops into your mind and the fans are just loving it. They are seeing their band come to life – they are not seeing four lads in black suits sitting on stools.”

He added that he understood why critics slatted them for their slow ballads.

“I knew why they criticised us for doing You Raise Me Up or Mandy, but what else can you do, sit on a bar stool or stand at a mike stand?”

“But as people we’re never like that. If we had been of a different era we could have been just as dancey as Take That were. Simon Cowell had a vision for us and it worked for us.”

Thanks to Villy for it.