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How WESTLIFE Reunited After ED SHEERAN Wrote Three Songs For Them

In this MYXclusive interview with VJ Ai Dela Cruz in Singapore, Westlife reveals how their much-awaited reunion happened after disbanding in 2012!

Shane Filan, Nicky Byrne, Kian Egan, and Mark Feehily also shares how they ended up collaborating with Ed Sheeran for 3-4 songs in their upcoming 20th anniversary album!

Irish boyband Westlife reveals they’re planning on collaborating with South Korean boyband BTS and Canadian diva Celine Dion, among others, in this MYXclusive interview in Singapore with VJ Ai Dela Cruz.

Shane Filan, Nicky Byrne, Kian Egan, and Mark Feehily also share their advice for budding artists of today and their excitement over coming back to the Philippines.

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Westlife returns: The Irish boyband on working with Ed Sheeran and BTS ambitions

Shane Filan, Nicky Byrne, Kian Egan and Mark Feehily tell CNA Lifestyle why they decided to reunite after seven years – and that they’ll be back with a tour before September.

It might have been 21 long years since Westlife first burst onto the pop music scene with their power ballads and teen-crush image in 1998. But the older and wiser Irish boy-banders would like you to know they are still flying without wings.

They’ve recently released Hello My Love – their first single in eight years – penned by none other than singer-songwriter du jour Ed Sheeran. In May, they will also be embarking on The Twenty Tour, playing all across Europe.

And, yes, to the delight of their fans this side of the world, there is also an Asian tour in the works that will “most definitely include a Singapore concert”.

“We reckon we’ll be back in Singapore sometime before September,” Shane Filan told CNA Lifestyle during an interview at The Fullerton Hotel. “The details are all still being worked out, but it’s definitely happening.”
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“It’s been a crazy day,” blurted Shane Filan, the frontman of Westlife as the band made their first visit to Asia since reuniting late last year.

It was a humid Wednesday afternoon in Singapore. Filan, Kian Egan, Nicky Byrne and Mark Feehily were seated across the other side of the interview area, all looking excited that they were getting interviewed once again as a group.

“The fans are probably the main reason why we kinda started thinking about Westlife again. We get asked in interviews about when is Westlife getting back together. The more you hear of that in interviews, the more we all got asked that question, it made us think about Westlife. And then we all eventually got together and had a chat only about eight months ago actually,” Filan said.

They discussed and liked the idea of a reunion that they wasted no time in organizing everything until they finally announced their comeback.

“It really boiled down to the right time for us individually and collectively as a band,” explained Byrne. “We spent 14 years of our life dedicating it to each other and to the band and it was exciting. The thought of having the opportunity to do it again is too much to turn down.”

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Westlife interview: ‘We want the buzz back!’

‘We want the buzz back!’ Seven years after they split, Westlife are back, here they reveal why they quit, what made them re-form – and the very unlikely superfan who’s their secret weapon.

What happens when boy bands decide they don’t want to be boy bands any more, and quit while at the top?

It sounds as if there’s brief elation, some euphoria at doing ordinary things like mowing the lawn and changing nappies, then a creeping realisation of what it is they’ve lost.

Nicky Byrne, who we can now refer to as Nicky-from-Westlife again, sums it up.

‘For so long I wanted to be out of that bubble, and I needed to be someone who wasn’t Nicky-from-Westlife.

But you can’t help but watch other bands and think, ‘We used to have that. We were on the Brits. We used to work with that songwriter, that producer…’

‘Nothing compares to the buzz of being in a band. I remember going to see Coldplay and thinking, ‘That was us!’

His bandmate Shane Filan points out how fast time moves when you’re not dominating the charts.

It’s seven years since Westlife split, and they’d had a good innings for a boy band (‘Most only last a few years,’ Shane says. ‘We’d had 14.’).

In that time all their children (the Westlife members have nine between them) have arrived or grown up.

Some kids – Shane’s for instance – have no clue their dad was as famous as the bands they idolise.

‘My daughter, who’s 13, was going to see Taylor Swift at Croke Park in Dublin and my wife Gillian said, “Daddy played there.”

‘The kids didn’t believe her, they don’t know what Westlife is.

‘So the comeback is for them too. We want them to experience the buzz of it, the feeling that they’re part of something magical.’

Yes, it’s another pop comeback.

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