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Nicky Byrne gives simple summer recipes a mushroom makeover


Westlife star and TV personality Nicky Byrne, is the latest celebrity parent to team up with the Mushroom Bureau to front their ‘Just Add Mushrooms’ campaign, aimed at encouraging consumers in the UK and Ireland to cook more with fresh mushrooms.

The popular singer and father of two boys and one girl will be the third celebrity to don the ‘Just Add Mushrooms’ chef’s hat in print and digital ads, following the campaign launch with Nadia Sawalha last October and more recent collaboration with property guru Sarah Beeny. The ads will be appearing across the UK and Ireland from today and are part of a three year promotional campaign.

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Nicky Byrne: “People said Westlife were crap. Opinions like that just drive me on to make this show successful.”

The former singer on proving his radio critics wrong with new career as presenter on 2fm.

Nicky Byrne proved a hit on 2fm

Nicky Byrne proved a hit on 2fm

He’s 2fm’s new blue-eyed boy and Nicky Byrne has revealed he is determined to silence his critics by putting in the hours.

After his first successful JNLR figures, the former Westlife member still professes not to know much about how they work.

But one thing is for sure – Nicky is going to make his programme work.

He said: “When you have a radio show I always feel you need to throw everything into it and make it a success and that keeps you sharp.

“You are live on air dealing with the public and when it happens, it’s out there.”

When Nicky landed the gig, there were grumblings that what was needed in the slot was someone with experience.

But his breezy attitude both on and off air is helping pull the listeners in and as far as he is concerned, he’s still learning.

Nicky revealed: “You can’t keep everybody happy – when you do a job in public life people have their opinions and you are going to get a bit of stick here and there.

“Plenty of people have said Westlife were crap or whatever. It doesn’t bother you and it doesn’t stop you from getting up in the morning and doing what you do.

“It drives me on to make the show a success as best I can.

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Nicky Byrne’s soccer heartache

As a young Dubliner named Nicky Byrne set off to sign for Premier League giants Leeds United back in 1995, it seemed as if his dream of becoming a professional footballer was about to become a reality.

Byrne was a highly rated young goalkeeper and caught the eye playing for Home Farm before he was picked up by Leeds, where Republic of Ireland greats Ian Harte and Gary Kelly were first team stars at the time.

A farewell party at the Byrne household was staged to send off their young hero as he set out on his road to sporting stardom, yet destiny intervened to ensure it was celebrity of a different variety that would eventually transform Nicky into a global star.

While football was and always will be Byrne’s first love, his success in landing a role in Westlife a year after his sporting career was extinguished at Leeds took his life in a whole different direction and yet there are still regrets about what might have been.

Nicky Byrne school visit 27

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